Cooking with Rekorderlig Cider!

There is a new Rekorderlig flavor out and it’s name is Pomegranate! The Pomegranate Cider is a distinctly unique flavor of crisp pear cider blended with pomegranate, producing a summer fruit fragrance which is intended to liven up the taste buds!

In celebration of Rekorderlig’s new Pomegranate flavored cider, Rekorderlig has collaborated with MKR winners Sammy and Bella to create a pomegranate salad! Pearl Cous Cous and Feta Salad with a Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider dressing to be exact. The PFEs were approached to try out this new recipe shown below.


Off I went to get the new Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider and the pomegranate. For some reason, it was hard to find pomegranates at the supermarket around my area. I manage to get the second last one at Woolies.

Pomy and the Pomy Cider

For the cous cous, I used the King Lebanese cous cous I had in the pantry from Jones the Grocer.

King Lebanese cous cous

Tadaaaa…the result after meddling in the kitchen with the recipe…

Pomegranate salad! Recipe by MKR Sammy & Bella

Looks lovely doesn’t it! I did piled on the pomegranates though as I love the taste of them. I first discovered fresh pomegranate juice in Israel last year and fell in love with it. So delicious. I can’t seem to find fresh pomegranate juice here in Perth though! It would probably cost a fortune for one cup considering how much one pomegranate costs. It is definitely cheaper to purchase pomegranates in Israel than in Perth!

OK, now to the taste. Did I like the salad? I did not actually think it tasted that great when I first had a spoonful but it grew on me. The reason being was that I ate the first spoonful when the cous cous was still warm. Definitely a no no as this is a cooling salad. It only tasted great after the cous cous cooled and with lots of feta cheese and pomegranate! The best temperature I found to consume was straight out from the fridge, and still with lots of feta cheese and pomegranate :p

The best part of this recipe is being able to enjoy the Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider after the cook as the recipe only requires 200ml, with more than half spare for drinking! WIN-WIN! *fist pump*

Here are some tips regarding the recipe if you are trying it out:

– You may need longer than 15 minutes to get the cous cous to soften properly. It may be because I changed the type of cous cous but I found I needed at least 20 – 25mins. Sorry not a cous cous expert.

– Throw in lots of herbs, feta cheese and marinated red capsicum, the more the better I say.

– And lastly, remember to de-seed the pomegranates. It is a pain to do so but you will not regret it! Imagine chewing into lots of bursty pomegranates at one go. Yum!

Thanks to Sammy and Bella for the recipe! I really enjoyed the salad, and I loved it that I get to try something different! Another WIN-WIN!

For more information, check out Sammy and Bella’s website at! Lots of recipes and cooking tips there!

Narration: Miss L



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