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Koko Black has recently launched their new Summer Oasis range of desserts and the PFEs were invited to check them out at one of their Salon. I was really excited as I was only there a week prior savoring the Raspberry Chocolate Dome (picture at the end of this blog post) and I loved it! I picked to go to the Koko Black Salon at Claremont Quarter so that I could throw in some late night shopping after work on a Thursday night. Win-win for me 🙂

The first dessert we had was the Salted Caramel Iced Chocolate ($8.50)! The Iced Chocolate is made to a traditional Belgian recipe, meticulously brewed before chilling and blended with milk to create a smooth texture. The glass is then lined with salted caramel, filled with the Iced Chocolate and to it, a scoop of the Koko Black’s Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream to hold the chill and generous chocolate shavings. Wow! This was super good. I know the sweet tooths out there would love this!

Salted Caramel iced chocolate Salted Caramel iced chocolate

The second dessert was the Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular ($9.50). Can the name be more dramatic? Well, it was perfectly suited for what came out! The Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular is a combination of Koko Black’s Madagascan vanilla bean ice cream with a full flavored mango coulis, resting on top of a bed of caramelised coconut crumble. This was my favorite as I love all things mango! The vanilla bean ice cream was creamy and smooth and the coconut crumble provided a crunch factor to this dessert. Awesome! I had fun pouring the mango coulis in as you can see from the pictures below! I should have taken a video instead!

Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular Mango and Vanilla ice cream spectacular

Last but not least, we were given two Mango and Vanilla Ganache to finish off our dessert session. I’m in chocolate heaven!

Mango and Vanilla ganache Mango and Vanilla ganache

Thanks to Koko Black and Be Known for the invite! I’m loving the tropical flavors included in the new Summer Oasis range from Koko Black! Mango…coconut…yum! Be sure to check them out as they are only available for a limited time!

As promised earlier a picture of the Raspberry Chocolate Dome I had a week prior to this visit! Prepare to be wow-ed!

raspberry chocolate dome

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  • Leanne Pearcelee

    January 30, 2015

    Looks delicious! Especially the Mango and Vanilla Ice Cream Spectacular, I think I’ll have to pay Koko Black a visit soon…..

    • Miss L

      February 1, 2015

      Glad to see your blog up and running again! 🙂 Let me know what you think if you try any of the desserts!


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