Low Key Chow House, Leederville

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Low Key Chow House (LKCH) is a restaurant serving modern Asian cuisine located on the busy Oxford Street in Leederville. I was intrigued when I first heard the restaurant’s name as it is so unusual, almost a tongue twister! When my friend from primary school wanted to catch up over dinner, I suggested for us to check out LKCH.

LKCH was crowded when I arrived but we managed to secure a table for two pretty much straightaway. The worry I had of queuing up dissipated! Yay! The restaurant was buzzing, cool ambiance on one hand but too noisy on the other. It was hard to hear each other clearly over the table. One of the reason was because we were seated too close together. Oh wells, at least we were able to get a table. Looking around, I noticed an eccentric and haphazard decor. I like it!

LKCH LKCH table setting

The staff was very attentive and proceeded to explain the menu to us. Loved the service. We were given a complimentary peanut and salted anchovies plate to start. We took this opportunity to order a glass of white wine. LKCH is fully licensed.

Peanut + salted anchovies White wine

For entree, we had the Mantou Buns ($15), candied caramel pork belly with coriander and crumbed peanuts in white steamed buns. I was looking forward to this as my first taste of a similar dish at Ippudo New York blew me away. The ones here at LKCH were nice but the flavors seemed lacking in comparison. I know I shouldn’t compare but I couldn’t help it! It’s always the first taste that sticks most. The buns though were nice and soft, I loved the texture and they were not doughy.

Mantou Buns

Mantou Buns

We deliberated over the mains as there were a number of dishes we were interested in. We settled on the following two dishes to share.

  • Sogalbi Skju-Namul ($33) – pear and apple marinated beef ribs off the bone with sesame breansprouts, kimchi and ssamjang hot sauce (a thick and spicy dipping sauce). The beef ribs were tender and indeed fell off the bone. Tasty! It was decent in size too, we didn’t end up finishing the whole lot as we were too full!

Marinated beef ribs

Marinated beef ribs

  • Spicy Steamboat ($28) – tiger prawns, enoki mushroom, tofu, greens in a spicy clear assam stock. This dish seemed very popular as I noticed a number of tables with it on them. Actually we followed the crowd and ordered this because we thought it must be darn good for so many people to have ordered it. It was a quite a novelty as it was served in a proper mini steamboat with a lighted fire at the bottom to keep the soup warm. Very nice!

Spicy Steamboat

Although being very full by the end of the meal, we were enticed with the dessert menu and ordered a Deep Fried Ice Cream parcels with salted caramel ($12) to share. I had a Long Macchiato to go with that.

Deep Fried ice cream parcels

Long Mac

The Deep Fried Ice Cream parcels were clunky and difficult to eat. We requested for a knife to cut through the parcels as we were not able to bite through the pastry. The ice cream had melted inside the parcels so it became messy. I’ll probably skip this as dessert next time.

Overall it was a good dinner except probably the dessert. The service was friendly and efficient. It’s great to see another up and coming modern Asian restaurant in Perth!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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