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Sprolo, located on Canning Highway had been a highly talked about cafe since its opening last year. I was most excited by the offering of the traditional Singaporean breakfast with kaya and sous vide eggs on the menu! That is one of my dream breakfast, Asian style! It has been quite rare to find this type of food in Perth but not so nowadays as the food scene has become more and more sophisticated!

Sprolo was the perfect place to meet up with my BFF and her family as she loves her traditional Asian breakfast too! We managed to find seating at the front corner where the lounge area is on the busy Saturday morning breakfast buzz.

Inside Sprolo Inside Sprolo

For drinks, my BFF’s hubby decided on the Cold Brew with sparkling water ($4.50) – LHS in the picture below. I was tempted to get that too but decided on a Cappuccino ($4.20) instead. I didn’t think he liked the Cold Brew much, I was happy that I stuck with the normal coffee. My coffee was great! :p

Cold Brew coffee and Elderberry Juice


The food! That was the main purpose for me coming here! Ordering the Traditional Singaporean ($12) was a definite. It consisted of sous vide eggs, sourdough and house made kaya. My BFF’s hubby ordered the same!

Traditional Singaporean

Sauce and pepper for the table!

I loved the dish especially the home-made kaya and the Peppe Saya butter. I just wished there were more of them! I am not sure whether I’m biased with a “branded” butter but the Peppe Saya butter tasted unusually good, velvety and smooth. Would definitely order this again, maybe with an additional portion of sourdough.

The BFF ordered the Coconut Chia Pudding ($9.50) for herself and a Toastie for her toddler. The Coconut Chia Pudding looked great with raspberry coulis, toasted coconut and lychee. The coconut and lychee were the winning factors!

Coconut chia pudding


I was not feeling particularly full after the breakfast and decided to get some desserts to share. There are a selection of cakes, slices, tarts, cookies, doughnuts on offer, displayed in the front cabinet and counter. We went for the following:

  • Melting Moment

Melting moment

  • Apple and rum cake, salted caramel and pecan praline (gluten free)

Apple and rum cake

  • Chocolate rose and raspberry cake (gluten free)

Chocolate rose and raspberry cake

From memory, the cake slices were about $7.50 each. They were dense and were very filling! My favorite was the apple and rum cake as I loved the nuts and salted caramel. So sweet but so good! My BFF liked the chocolate rose and raspberry cake more. Turned out good as we both went for the one we liked :p I would love to try the Portuguese Egg Tart next. I was too full to even think about ordering it!

Overall, we had a great breakfast at Sprolo. The menu was quite simple but adequate. The sweets offering are awesome. Service was warm and friendly! Great addition to this area of Canning Highway!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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