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There has been a growing interest for Banh Mi as of late, with numerous cafe popping up in the city offering various versions of this yummy Vietnamese baguette. One such cafe is the quaint and charming Le Vietnam located on Barrack Street.

Inside Le Vietnam

I had been here previously and loved their Grilled Pork Banh Mi with peanuts as I have never eaten a Banh Mi with peanuts before, it was so awesome! I had to come back for more! And not to mention that the Grilled Pork Banh Mi is only $6. Great price!

Le Vietnam - menu

Seating in Le Vietnam is limited although the waiting time is not too long. One can enjoy  their Bahn Mi on little tables lining the side of the cafe or alfresco out on Barrack Street soaking in the bustling (and sometimes hot) atmosphere.

I’m usually not a create of habit but I decided on the Grilled Pork Banh Mi (with peanuts) again on this visit! I remember it being so good that I did not want to get anything else. It did not disappoint. Oh, that toasty baguette and the crunchy nuts! Chili was an option which is great for those who can’t eat spicy food. I loved the squirt of sriracha on the side board for a bit of oomph!

Grilled Pork Bahn mi

Grilled Pork Bahn mi

There are a few home made drinks available at the cafe, I went for the Iced lemon tea ($4) as it was such a hot day and I needed something refreshing. It was a hit!

Iced Lemon tea

The chef(s) behind Le Vietnam can be quite creative as I spied on the board a few premium Banh Mi on offer such as the Korean spicy pork and Portuguese chicken. The specials that day consisted of crispy roast pork bahn mi with crackle and plum sauce and a coca cola marinated chicken banh mi! Wow! That said though, I don’t know when I can get past the Grilled Pork Banh Mi to try all these other exotic ones!

To top it off, Le Vietnam is offering a Kung Fu Banh Mi this week to celebrate the Lunar New Year! Kung Fu Bahn Mi = seasoned chicken OR tofu, spicy cilantro green sauce, crispy wonton crackles, filled with the traditional pickled carrots, cucumber, coriander and fresh cut chilis (optional for an extra kick), inside their famous Vietnamese-French Baguette. I must get myself there to try this Kung Fu Banh Mi this week!

Absolutely love this place, service was friendly and food came out quickly! Will definitely be the spot for me when I crave for Bahn Mi!
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