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From the creators of Bib and Tucker is born May Street Larder, located on the corner of Canning Highway and May Street in East Fremantle. The PFEs were privileged to be invited a couple of weeks ago to a sneak peak of this food venture by former Olympian swimmer Eamon Sullivan and chef Scott Bridger before the doors opened to the public.

The first impression I had was how bright and spacious the cafe is. The sun was streaming in through the glass windows framing one side of the cafe. Very natural. The decor is stylish, modern and clean. I like it!

Inside May Street Larder

Inside May Street Larder

Inside May Street Larder Inside May Street Larder

Drinks were offered upon arrival, and I was particularly interested with the juices supplied by the Juicist, a favorite of mine. Yes to a glass of lime, mint and ginger drink, super healthy!

The Juicist Drinks

We were then given the lowdown on May Street Larder by none other than Eamon Sullivan himself, who spoke with passion on this new venture with Scott Bridger and how it was birth, from a desire to branch out and try new culinary techniques to setting up this second kitchen for meat curing and preserving, pickling and fermenting their own stuff!

May Street Larder cooks with local WA produce with a focus on seasonal foods and is open for breakfast and lunch, with an ever-changing menu. Think seasonal salads, raw treats, cooked meats, rustic pastries etc prepared daily! Nice!

Speech by Eamon Sullivan

A selection of food items we can look forward to at May Street Larder was served right after the speech. Thanking my lucky stars!

Launch Party menu sampler The food line up!

The food was lined up on the bench counter and we were able to select the food that we wanted to sample, mess hall style. Here are the line ups!

  • Rosemary + roasted garlic foccacia / Organic purple wheat sourdough

Foccacia and sourdough

  • Wood smoked eggplant, charred courgette, smoked yoghurt and savory granola

Wood smoked eggplant

  • Freekeh, roasted + pickled pumpking, herbs, pomegranate + pepitas

Freekah and pumpkin

  • Shaved pear, fennel + radicchio salad

Shaved pear, fennel + radicchio salad

  • Kale, sorrel, tea soaked raisins + saffron vinaigrette

Kale, sorrel, tea soaked raisins

  • Confit of ocean trout

Ocean trout

  • Slow smoked beef brisket

Beef brisket

  • Crispy skin pork belly, wood fired witlof + star anise blood plum

Pork belly


And all these ended up on my plate!

My plate of food

I regretted picking the food all at once rather than going back for seconds as the flavors clashed with one another on the plate. Not to worry though as May Street Larder will not be serving the food in this manner normally. Phew! Having said that, the food tasted great consumed individually! I especially loved the ocean trout and crispy pork belly. The variety of salads was interesting too!

One thing I look forward to after each meal is the dessert! May Street Larder offers a 100% vegan soft serve CocoWhip consisting of coconut water + probiotic which sounded very interesting. Topping includes goji berry, cacao nips and their own home made granola.

CocoWhip special toppings


The CocoWhip tasted very refreshing with limited amount sugar, almost like a sorbet but creamier. I could eat this all day! I couldn’t get use to the toppings however as they didn’t have the sweet flavors I was craving. Maybe I’m not such a health foodie after all! The coffee I ordered was great!


A larder is defined as a room, large cupboard or pantry storing food or a supply of food. True to the name of the cafe, May Street Larder also stocks their own homemade jams, pickles and honey. Check them out!

Larder style deli

Thanks to May Street Larder and Caitlin for the invite to the launch party. I had heaps of fun! I will definitely be back to check out the breakfast menu. The fried chicken with polenta waffles, avocado and chili maple I spied on facebook sounds divine!

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