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James Squire has opened another brewery in WA and this time it is located at the beautiful Scarborough Beach, within the Rendezvous Hotel complex. The PFEs were privileged to be invited to the official opening, sampling their craft beers matched with canapes!

The place was quite busy by the time we arrived on a Thursday night. A section of the dining area was closed off for the opening. The other drinking and dining areas were packed further into the night especially the alfresco beer garden which has a view straight out over the Indian Ocean.

Almost immediately upon arrival we were given a run down of the full range of James Squire craft beers and ciders on offer at the venue. There were 11 in total and each beer is named to tell a story of James Squire, Australia’s first brewer, such as One Fifty Lashes, The Constable, Four ‘Wives’, Hop Thief, Stow Away to name a few. How clever! As you order a beer, you learn more about the history behind James Squire!

Range of Beer at Squire's Fortune

My friend and I ordered the Orchard Crush Ciders to start – a Pear Cider and an Apple Cider. The Pear Cider is a cloudy cider made from pears and apples with a fresh aroma, subtle sweetness and a smooth finish. I found it has more depth than the Apple Cider which has more of a crisp finish.

Orchard Crush Ciders

The canapes started to come out not long after and they were arranged to be consumed with one of the 11 beers at Squire’s Fortune. I only managed to taste 4 out of the 11 beers that night. I will have to go back to try the other six!

First up was the Housemade cumin & mint sausage with chipotle yoghurt…best consumed with the One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale.

Cumin & mint sausage

Next the Crispy kale crusted double cream brie with cauliflower piccalilli…to be consumed with Four “Wives” Pilsener. This was a whole chunk of brie! Wow!

Kale crusted double cream brie

Halfway through the event, we heard from the organiser of the event who gave us a lowdown behind the Squire’s Fortune. Developed through a partnership between the WA-based Kapinkoff family and the James Squire brand, the Squire’s Fortune pays homage to the life of James Squire – the charming rogue who so often managed to turn chance into good fortune. We were treated with a specially brewed beer (with cherry and whiskey I believe!) for the occasion, tapped on the night. It was my favorite, full bodied with a tinge of sweetness. Yumyum!

Beef tapping Special beer for the night

The canapes continued after that with a 72 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder, mint, semi dry tomato crust…best consumed with the Chancer Golden Ale. We were ready for another round of beer at this stage and my friend decided to order this while I had the Jack of Spades Porter. The Chancer tasted quite tropical with a dry finish. I preferred it over my Jack of Spades which was a porter with a slight bitter taste to it. I expected something sweeter. Wrong expectation?

72 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder The Chancer and the Jack of Spades

The Hop smoked pork belly, Margaret river honey, mustard bruschetta came after…best consumed with the Hop Thief American Pale Ale. this was one of my favorite canape, you can’t go wrong with pork belly!

Pork belly on mustard bruschetta

And then there were the Prawn & crab beignet with spicy tomato relish…best consumed with Sun Down Australian Lager. These were delicious!

Prawn & crab beignet Prawn & crab beignet

And last but not least, the Sous vide chilli pork hock in butter milk buns…best consumed with the Constable Copper Ale. This was actually the least favorite canape for me but my friend loved it! She said the butter milk buns were delicious and helped herself to a few servings!

Sous vide chilli pork hock, butter milk buns Sous vide chilli pork hock, butter milk buns Sous vide chilli pork hock, butter milk buns

All in all the night was a great introduction to the Squire’s Fortune. Most of the canapes tasted fabulous and I don’t think I had ever tried so many different types of beer in one sitting! Thanks to the Squire’s Fortune and Lionco for the invite! I will be back to check out the full menu, there were some good looking dishes that came out from the kitchen that night. My first pick would be the Chilli Crab!


Narration: Miss L
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