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Since discovering all the new eateries that had opened at 140 Perth, I’d been trying to visit them one by one, first Brotzeit German Bier Bar, then Cocina Bandito, and now Wassup Dog! And next Bambamboo!

Wassup Dog is a hot dog stand located inside the 140 Perth laneway, right behind Iku Sushi. I discovered this from a delicious looking picture of a hot dog that had popped up on my twitter feed one day and on it went into my “to visit” list.

Wassup Dog was established in 2013 and was born to bring the City of Fremantle a real hot dog. I’m glad it has now come to Perth city! They use 100% organic beef sent up weekly from Margaret River to Jeremy’s Butcher in Swanbourne. It is there that they had developed the perfect ratio of lean to fat dog so that when they butterfly the dog, it stays crispy on both sides while remaining juicy in the middle. Sounds awesome!

Wassup Dog cart

Wassup Dog cart

Wassup Dog at 140 Perth offers the Margaret River dog ($8), whole meal bread, lettuce, slow cooked vegetables (corn, capsicum, onions), homemade aioli with Tasmanian cheddar. They also offer a healthy alternative the Fresh Dog substituting the cooked veggies with fresh cucumber and sliced carrots, and the aioli with yoghurt and mint sauce. We went for the “unhealthy” version :p

There is no seating at Wassup Dog so we wandered over to the Juicist and asked whether we could use their tables and chairs. They happily obliged. We bought an Orange Juice ($5) and a Ginger Lemonade ($5) from them. Felt bad utilizing their seats without giving them some business!

Wassup Dog lunch and Juicist drinks

Wassup Dogs!

Margaret River Dog

I doused my Margaret River dog with lots of mustard sauce, I love my sauces! My colleague though refrained, he even refused the aioli sauce on his! “What’s wrong with you?!” :p

And so, what was the verdict on the dog? Absolute deliciousness! Loved this Margaret River dog, it was juicy and crispy, aioli was tasty and there was a perceived healthy eating with the corn and capsicum! Actually they did add some juiciness to the dog! Yum!

Wassup Dog is another great option at 140 Perth if you are looking for a simple and quick lunch in the city!
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