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AlimentI accidentally stumbled upon Aliment as I was heading towards Hylin for brunch one Saturday morning. As usual, Hylin was very busy and there was a long queue for table. My BFF actually managed to to get a table for us when she arrived but as my friend and I were late, she had to give it up as she brought her toddler and baby along with her and they were a bit unsettled and wanted a walk. My bad! I suggested for us to head over to Aliment which caught my attention just prior and seemed spacious enough to accommodate the kids. Turned out I was right!

Aliment is located just a few doors from Hylin and has both an indoor seating and a big alfresco seating area. We sat outside initially but due to the high winds, we moved inside not long after. Didn’t want the kids to get cold! The staff was very accommodating. Thanks!


I ordered a freshly squeezed Orange Juice ($5.50) to start and later on a Long Macchiato ($4) to finish the meal. The OJ was very refreshing. Loved it!

OJ Long Mac

Our attention turned to the menu, there were a few interesting items on there – it took us awhile to decide what we wanted! Aliment has “Specials for the day” on top of their normal menu, there were the Banana split pancakes, the Zucchini & Pumpkin fritters and Pulled pork & potato rosti! So many choices but only one stomach each! We ended up having the following:

  • Silverside hash ($15) – My order and I liked it! It was a hearty dish, crunchy hash brown (yum!), thin slices of silverside topped with runny poached eggs and a creamy bearnaise sauce. My type of dish. There were a few pieces of kale scattered on the dish to balance out all the creaminess and meat! They tried!

Silverside hash

Silverside hash

  • Corn fritters ($18) – rockets, tomatoes, bacon and poached eggs. This was my BFF’s order and she liked it as well. The components in the dish looked like they were char-grilled.

Corn fritters

Corn fritters

  • Pulled pork & potato rosti ($19) – this was from the “Specials for the day” and we ordered this for our friend as she was running late. She requested for something meaty as she loved her meat and this was right up her alley, house pulled pork, grilled bacon, kale, potato rosti with bearnaise sauce & poached eggs. I had a taste of the pulled pork and it was amazing! Very flavorsome! I almost wished I ordered this instead! I helped her finished nearly a quarter of it :p

Pulled pork & potato rosti


All in all, this was a great find on Railway Parade, the food were hearty and delicious, and the staff was very attentive and accommodating. Great place for family with kids as well. Just a note that food could take awhile to come so this is not a place for a quick in and out breakfast/brunch/lunch.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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