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My uni mate and I were due for a catch up recently. mainly to exchange news of what had been happening in our lives these last few months. We decided to head to the Standard as I’ve been hearing great reviews of the place. As she was heading out the door on the Friday night, she suddenly realized that parking in Northbridge would be horrendous as the restaurant is in such close proximity to the Fringe festival! We decided to change venue then, with me frantically scrolling through Urbanspoon for a decent venue while she was driving. I came across Brika and decided to go it a go.

Brika is located on Stirling Street, towards the outer fringe of Northbridge. It was very busy when I arrived and all the tables were booked out for the night. Doh! The hostess must have seen the desperate (or hungry look) on my face and offered me a shared table in the lounge area rather than turning me away. Thank you so much! I was more than happy that she could accommodate us, any table will do at such late notice!

Inside Brika

We ordered some drinks to calm us down. I had some bubbles – the Nico Lazaridi Solitaire ($6) from Greece while my friend had the Atze Shiraz ($9) from the Barossa Valley. Ahhh time to kick back, relax and enjoy our meal.

Brika - drinks

Brika serves modern Greek cuisine and specializes in mezedes, small plates of appetizers to be shared between groups of family and friends with the intent to provide a variety of flavor and texture sensations. I like this intent…I like it alot! We ordered four dishes to share between us with a dessert to finish off our meal. We had:

  • Spanakopita ($12) – spinach leek 3 cheese poura. This came in 3 pieces, looked like spring rolls but with a creamy spinach and cheese filling. Very nice!


  • Pork belly ($24) with ouzo thyme and a honey glaze. This was easily the dish of the day for us both, the pork belly was meaty, tender and flavorsome. It melted in the mouth! Oh, and the crackling was so good! *crunch* *crunch* We wanted more!

Pork belly

  • Swordfish ($22) on skewers with chargrilled peppers, onion and hummus. This was another excellent dish, not far behind the pork belly. The swordfish was still moist on the inside even after the grilling. Loved the freshness of this dish.


  • Suko salad ($10) – figs, orange, fennel, rocket and onion crisps. This was a healthy palate cleanser for us. We thought we needed it after all the meaty dishes we ordered. It was very much welcomed!

Suko salad

The staff was very good at convincing us to try the Loukoumades ($10) for dessert. Loukoumades are greek donuts which are drenched in a honey syrup and topped with walnuts. I spied this on the next table and actually did not need much convincing in ordering them!


Unfortunately we did not really like the taste of these donuts. I think I may be too used to the fried donuts that I normally get elsewhere. I thought these were too bland for me. A good try though.

Service at Brika was top notch, friendly, informative and just lovely! This was definitely one of my better find this year, and to think I only stumbled across this accidentally on Urbanspoon. A neighborhood gem!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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