****Perth’s First Night Noodle Market****

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The talk of town this year for the Eat Drink Perth festival was surely the Night Noodle Market (NNM) held at the Perth Cultural Center! Eat Drink Perth 2015 opened with a bang last Wednesday with the Night Noodle Market, a family friendly Asian hawker style market set up over three areas, namely the Central Square, Museum Plaza and the Urban Orchard, housing over 20+ stalls and 3 popup bars. It was so exciting! I ended up going to this event three times over four days!

The most popular stall by far is Hoy Pinoy, Filipino BBQ and street food at its best. It was the most talked about stall even before it arrived in Perth! My first visit on the opening night had to be to this stall!

Hoy Pinoy Hoy Pinoy Hoy Pinoy

BBQ Chicken Skewer

When I arrived at the front of the line after a 20mins wait, I could only get my hands on the BBQ Chicken skewers (2 for $10). There was another 20mins wait for their signature BBQ Pork Belly skewers! As I was getting picked up very soon after, I had to forgo the wait. A reason to come back again, which I did on the weekend with my family. After reading various reports of 1 – 1.5 hours wait for the BBQ Pork Belly skewers, we decided to head there early and arrived 10mins before 4pm (the opening time on Saturday). We rushed to the front of the line of Hoy Pinoy very soon after the entrance was opened. Great strategy as we managed to get two of those babies straightaway. Wahoo! The BBQ Pork Belly skewers were marinated with a banana ketchup glaze, caramelised onto the meat. They were so tasty! Well worth the wait!

Third night Hoy Pinoy Happy with my BBQ pork belly skewers

The other stalls we visited at the NNM included:

  • Low Key Chow – we had the Mantou Buns, pork 2 ways with chili coriander slaw and caramel sauce (2 for $12). The Mantou Buns were fillers for us before we headed to the Dessert Garden at Forrest Place (more of this in the next post!). They were great fillers!

Mantou Buns - Low Key ChowLow Key Chow House on Urbanspoon

  • Turban Chopsticks – When I first saw a photo of Turban Chopsticks‘ potato and ricotta koftas they were selling at NNM, I knew I had to get it! They looked so good! On the Sat evening, I managed to meet the owner of Turban Chopsticks, Mei at the stall and found her to be so friendly and knowledgeable with her food! Really hoping that her and her hubby do well at the NNM! The Potato and Ricotta koftas with butter curry ($10) tasted amazing as it looked! I also tried the Sweetcorn + Lupin fritters with caramelized onion tomato chutney ($10) and they were amazing too! So was the Asian Noodle Salad ($10). You can’t go wrong with this stall! A must try!

Potato and ricotta koftas

Sweetcorn + lupin fritters

Asian Noodle Salad
Turban Chopsticks on Urbanspoon

  • Apple Daily Bar & Eating House – Having been to the restaurant itself at the Print Hall in Brookfield Place and sampled the food they put up at the Gourmet Escape, this was a must visit stall for us! We had the Smoked trout, green papaya salad, herbs, namjim ($12) and the Chicken wings with narm phrik pao caramel sauce with puffed rice ($9). They did not disappoint! Yum!

Smoked trout with papaya salad

Chicken wings with narm phrik pao caramel sauce
The Apple Daily Bar & Eating House on Urbanspoon

  • Spanthai – My mum wanted to try the Chicken Pad Thai ($15) and we wanted to get the ginger, lemon & mint iced tea ($5) which was very refreshing. The Pad Thai was on the average side.

Chicken Pad Thai

  • Waffle on a Stick – we finished off with dessert from Waffle on a Stick – we had the caramel and lychee waffle ($10). It wasn’t really a favorite as I thought the waffle was not crispy enough. Looked great and enticing though.

Waffle on a Stick

Caramel and lychee waffle on a stick

The “noodles” were not really the star at the Night Noodle Market which some people might find odd but I thought the Night Noodle Market portrayed very well the concept of a night food market with the buzz, hype and vibe of an outdoor festival. Love the energy it is bringing to the City of Perth. Looking forward to more of it in the coming years!

There are only three nights left of the Night Noodle Market, the last night on Sunday 29 March. If you have not been, don’t miss out!



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