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Good Morning Vietnam! As part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, Urban Bowl is introducing two traditional Vietnamese breakfasts to us Perthians, with one of the dish served on a sizzling plate!

Urban Bowl is located on Sherwood Court, off St Georges Terrace right next to the Exchange Plaza. Known for its fresh and clean Vietnamese food with a twist, I have been a frequent visitor of past to get my hands on their delicious rice paper rolls and Vietnamese salads. This time round I was keen to check out the two breakfast dishes created by Urban Bowl especially for Eat Drink Perth!

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What are these two dishes you ask? They are the Bo Ne (lemon pepper steak with fried egg) and the Bo Kho (herby beef stew with a 62 degree egg). Both served with a toasty baguette and an iced Vietnamese coffee for $20!

The breakfast dishes!

My sister and I ordered one of the breakfast dishes each so that we can have a taste of both. She preferred a Mocha instead of the Iced Vietnamese coffee as it was quite cold in the morning. Her request was gladly obliged. I was happy with the Iced Vietnamese coffee, bring it on I say 🙂

A note that Urban Bowl serves a wide range of coffee and tea (Urban Cup) for all the working people out there. I saw quite a number getting their takeaway cuppa that morning!

Mocha and iced Vietnamese coffee

And now for the main dishes…

Bo Kho (herby beef stew with a 62 degree egg) – this was one saucy dish with tender beef chunks and carrot pieces. It was one hand baguette and the other sauce dipping and beef piling. It was great! The 62 degree egg added some gooey goodness to the dish while the lime juice a lovely twang, so squeeze it hard, you won’t regret it! The dish was actually too big for me so I took some home and found that it tasted even better after it had been soaking in the lime juice! Love this!

Bo Kho

Bo Ne (lemon pepper steak with a fried egg) – this was my sister’s dish and she enjoyed it. I just love how it came out on a sizzling plate, it felt so much grander! I had a taste of the steak and found it quite tender. Steak for breakfast, who is up for it?!

Bo Ne

The Iced Vietnamese coffee tp me was not authentic to the traditional Vietnamese sense, there was a big scoop of ice cream in it! But I’m not complaining. It was a great iced coffee, without the ‘Vietnamese’ tag to it.Iced Coffee

Good Morning Vietnam was a great experience overall, the staff were very courteous and friendly as how they normally are the last few times I’d been. I’ve always like to try something different and this breakfast is definitely not what you will get else where!

The Good Morning Vietnam specials are available throughout Eat Drink Perth, Monday to Friday between 7am – 11am. Check it out if you are in the vicinity!
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