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On Monday just past I was at Varnish on King attending the American Whiskey 101 Masterclass as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival. Varnish on King, located on King Street has grown in popularity since its inception and I have heard many good things but have yet to visit. The American Whiskey 101 Masterclass was just perfect for me and my colleagues to drop by!

Having not been there before, it was quite difficult for us to locate the spot! It didn’t helped that we were running slightly late as well. It turned out that the bar is actually located below ground level! I loved the mystery vibe I got walking down the stairs and discovering a whole new scene!


The bar Inside Varnish on King

The American Whiskey 101 Masterclass is an educational session about the world of American Whiskey, from the history of the varieties of whiskey through to production, the grains used, to the current styles available in the market. Don’t worry, it was not all talk, the session included an opportunity to taste four different styles of American Whiskey along with a couple of finger food from the kitchen. The Masterclass was led by Xander who is so knowledgeable he can talked non-stop for an hour!

Whiskey tasting

Whiskey tasting

The four whiskeys we tasted were the Canadian Club, Woodford Reserve, Tennesee Whisky Dickel and Bulleit Rye.

Canadian Club Woodford Reserve Dickel Bulleit Rye

As we sampled the four different styles one after the other I did noticed the difference in the taste, in terms of the fruitiness, the lightness, mellowness and softness of the drink. I would hardly have notice it if I had just ordered one to try but when you have four to contrast against one another, it became quite obvious. Actually this was the rare few times that I had drank whiskey by itself and not mixed with Coke (No, no, no..said Xander :p) or on the rocks. A nice experience!

Along with the whiskey tasting we had the Tater Tots and Fried Chicken Wings to nibble on. The Tater Tots came with a chipotle hot sauce and creme fraiche, they were highly addictive! I also loved the Fried Chicken Wings with the popcorn and buttermilk dressing. I wanted more!

Tater Tots

Fried Chicken Wings

Overall I thought it was quite a fun experience! My knowledge of whiskey had increased a notch! The Masterclass costs $40 per session with one running tomorrow at 5:30pm and thereafter the first Monday evening of each month. It is great for the whiskey newbies like me! Booking can be made at
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