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Due to a miscommunication on my part, I was unable to make a cooking class of “baking, pies and tarts” at The Cooking Professor in Churchlands last week. It was such a bummer as I love all things baking, especially learning how to bake a tart! Fortunately my lovely friends were able to attend on my behalf and from their reports had such a ball at the class! I was so happy as they sounded so excited when they gave me accounts of their experience! I even scored a dessert tart made by one of them over the weekend (thanks SC!) The other one of them had so much fun that she wrote a post of her account for me to publish here. Thank you FC, love your enthusiasm when it comes food! Check out the post below, a budding blogger in the making I say!  


Much like the food engineers, I love eating, tasting, smelling and experiencing, and sometimes cooking. Ten years ago, I could not cook to save my life.  Now that I am married with a family of four, a husband and two kids, I think over the years I have managed to pick up a few cooking skills to keep myself and the family alive. I have also come to love hosting dinner parties for friends with guests wowing my food and having a great time without finding themselves in the toilet bowl the next day.

However, I can’t say I have made a good pastry dish that has wowed anybody and in fact the thought of making it is pretty scary having made a tart that looked like a landslide before. So when the opportunity to attend this pastry class came up I jumped at the chance and realigned the stars in 24 hours to make sure I could attend.

On arrival, I walked into a big room with dining table on the left and big kitchen on the right. The chef proceeded to the introductions while we enjoyed the ambiance of jazz music in the background, drinks and a chocolate pastry to whet our appetites.

We proceeded to the kitchen with individual work stations armed with a pastry dish recipe. I loved how well the kitchen was set up with all the ingredients at each station measured out. We could access common equipment and utensils easily. The written recipes were very clear and easy to follow.  The teacher moved from station to station and provided timely supervision without cramping our style. There were 6 people in the class and I thought it was probably just the right number of people for a class without feeling lost when guidance was required.

Baking in action

At the end of the night, as we tasted all the dishes we were amazed we had produced such amazing dishes and managed took home the extras. I felt so much more confident making pastry and can definitely replicate the wonderful recipes to wow my next dinner guests.

Thank you food engineers for the awesome opportunity.

Fruit tart

Fruit tart

Spinach & cheese pie

The baking, pies and tarts class was taught by Tirtza Pisk and the following five items were made on the night. The cost per person is $110

  • Beef & stout Pie: “magic” sour cream pastry
  • Chicken & sushroom pie: rough puff
  • Shortcrust tart filled with creme patisserie: shortcrust pastry
  • Frangipane & fruit tart: almond meal pastry
  • Spinach & cheese pie “Spanakopita”” filo pastry

Sounds so interesting! Seems great that the class covers various types of pastry! Head to the Cooking Professor for more information if you are interested, link above. They have cooking classes for all cuisines imaginable! 



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