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Howling’s Bar is a newly opened bar and grill located on Miligan St where Nine Mary’s used to be. As I arrived for the opening event and discovered its location, I was surprised that Nine Mary was not longer operating and that a funky bar has replaced it! Nevertheless I was looking forward to check out what Howling’s Bar is all about.

Stepping into the premise, I observed a modern and chic joint, with high bars, booths and lounges settings. I especially liked the lighting design which gave off a warm hue to its surrounding. It looked fabulous! The place was packed with VIPs, foodies and patrons eager to experience the venue and to sample the menu.

Inside Howling's

We were offered some lovely champers upon arrival, one being a Moet & Chandon! I was a happy girlie. A variety of beverages floated around the night but I stuck to the champagne and the red. Love it! Howling’s also has a large selection of cocktails, some classics and a number of special signatures, customized cocktails created by the team. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try any. They looked pretty special. Next time round.

Chandon Shiraz M+C

Not long after the drinks, we were treated to a selection of samples from their entree, main and snacks menu. From the entree menu, the Smoked beef carpaccio with olive tapenade, grissini and parmesan. Normally I’m not a big fan of olive but in this instance I found the olive tapenade blended well with the thin beef slices and did not overpower the dish. That was a plus.

Smoked Beef Carpaccio

Next came the Watermelon and tequila salmon gravlax with baby capers, shaved fennel and lemon balm. I couldn’t quite taste the watermelon and tequila in the sampling but I thought this had a refreshing taste to it.

Salmon Gravlax

We also had the Scallop ceviche with crisp pork and herb salad, and the Turkish breads with dips. Unfortunately the photos for these two plates did not turn out very well, so no pics for these (let your imagination run wild :P). The Scallop ceviche turned out to be my fav! Refreshing, light and citrusy, I had a few serves. It was something I would definitely order especially if you are a seafood fan.

From the mains, we had the Smoked BBQ pork ribs with potato chats and cabbage slaw. We welcomed this as we were getting hungry at this stage. The ribs were meaty and saucy and I loved the cabbage slaw that came with it. More please!

Smoked BBQ Pork Ribs

Another item we sampled from the mains was the Wild mushroom gnocchi with asparagus, parmesan and truffle oil. The dish as a whole was quite tasty, although I found the parmesan to be a bit overpowering, would have liked more of the mushroom instead.

Wild mushroom gnocchi

A few sides and snacks floated around the room as well, the Beer battered onion rings, Southern chicken wings, Housemade jerky, Mixed spiced nuts and Chorizo Arancini. I loved the onion rings and chicken wings, being deep fried was a major contributing factor :p

Beer battered onion rings Beer battered onion rings

The Housemade jerky was quite special too, it was not as salty as some I have tried, even though I can’t say I’m a fan.

Beer Jerky Beer JerkyArancini Mixed nuts

We hung around hoping that would be some desserts but there was none for the night. I was eyeing the chocolate fondant and banoffie pie from the menu! I’ll have to go back to try these another time!

And that was the end of the night. All in all, the event was a great introduction to the Howling’s Bar! Another great venue to hang out for Friday’s drinks or a dinner meal in the CBD. I read that during the day time, Howling’s operates the Dispensary Cafe which provides ‘to-go’ meals and coffee to Hay St and passerby. Too bad I work so far away from Miligan! I may need to make a journey up that way one day to check it! Thanks to Howling’s Bar and pSquared communications for the invite! It was a great evening!

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