Architects and Heroes, Subiaco


Architects and Heroes located on Rokeby Road is an extremely popular breakfast/brunch joint judging from the 45 minutes wait for a two seater one Saturday morning my sister and I ventured to Subiaco to check the cafe out. The place was packed! Pictures of the dishes from Architects and Heroes have been flooding social media and they looked so good! Come and eat me, they said! Here we are *wave* 🙂

The cafe is sleek and trendy and I loved the buzz!

Inside A&H

We ordered a Watermelon Juice ($5) and Mocha ($4.90) to start. I was most excited about the Mocha (and ordered that instead of my usual Long Mac) as A&H uses Bahen & Co and Callebaut chocolate, a 70% organic Madagascan dark chocolate and Belgian milk chocolate, specially developed blend which has lively citrus notes with a rum and raisin flavor and smooth, dry cocoa nib finish . Yum! Love cafes that use special chocolate in their hot chocolates/mocha! I’ll come back just for this!

Watermelon juice A&H Mocha

Not only was the drinks menu great, the food menu looked good too! We had the following:

  • Beetroot cured salmon, avocado salsa, horseradish creme and scrambled eggs ($18) – loved the avocado salsa that the cured salmon sat on as it brought a freshness to the dish, plus I love anything with avocado in it, my new favorite fruit (or veg? :P). The cured salmon was tainted with beetroot juice which gave it a nice vibrant color. Wished there were more of the toast and scrambled eggs though! I would order this again, I love my scrambled eggs!

Beetroot cured salmon, scrambled eggs, avocado salsa

  • Slow cooked pork belly crepe, herb salad, peanuts and pickled cucumber ($24) – a very special dish, I have not eaten something quite like this before for breakfast. A fancy Asian affair! I would have preferred the pork belly to have a crispy skin (that would have been perfect!) but it was overlooked as I thought the dish was so clever and different!

Slow cooked pork belly crepe

Slow cooked pork belly crepe

Needless to say, I was impressed with the cafe after our meal! It was worth the 45 minutes wait! Just the vibe surrounding the cafe was awesome! I have to check out the coffee proper as I read they do some mean artisan coffees!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
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