Junkboat Vietnamese, Highgate

Junkboat VietnameseJunkboat Vietnamese is located on the busy Beaufort Street in Highgate, rightInside the restaurant next to the Solomon’s Cafe and opposite the Beaufort Merchant. We came upon it by chance when we were in Highgate one afternoon looking for a place to lunch. It had just opened not too long ago so we thought we’d check the new place out and Vietnamese cuisine is always a favorite.

The inside of the cafe is simple and clean, however slightly cold and clinical. We sat towards the back looking out at the entrance.

For drinks we had the Vietnamese Coffee ($5) and the Jackfruit Smoothie ($6). The Vietnamese Coffee was nothing too special but the boy liked his Jackfruit Smoothie, real fruit flavor!

Vietnamese Coffee and Jackfruit Smoothie

The menu at Junkboat is a one pager but is all encompassing. They are rice paper rolls, a variety of entree and snacks, the popular Pho (Beef Hofan noodle soup), Bahn Mi Thit (Vietnamese baguettes), Vietnamese salads, Rice Vermicelli noodles and the Banh Xeo (Vietnamese crepes).

I spotted the Bahn Xeo ($15) and thought yes, I must try this! Having heard lots about the Banh Xeo but not actually tasted one before, it was a chance not to be missed! The boy had his Pho Tai Bo Vien ($13), the rare beef & beef ball hofan soup. He liked his bowl of noodle soup. He thought the soup had more herbs in it than others he had tasted. Sounded yum!

Pho - noodle soup

My Banh Xeo came in a bamboo basket and I eagerly dug into it. It was filled with shrimps, pork, beansprouts and spring onion. The filling was tasty and the crepe itself was crunchy on the outer parts. It was really good! I loved the range of salads on the side as well, it made me feel healthy finishing them off! :p

Banh Xeo

I was so excited about it that I brought my mum and sis back not too long after for dinner. We had the Pho Noodle Soup and Banh Xeo in addition to the following items on the menu.

  • Avocado smoothies ($6) – this was lacking in flavor, and more milky in taste

Avocado smoothies

  • Nem Nuong ($6 for two) – the Nem Nuong are grilled pork mince skewers, a popular Vietnamese snack. My friend was just telling me about this a few night prior so we had to order to try! I thought these were quite good but the same friend who came to check it out later thought she had better elsewhere. Obviously I’m no expert in Vietnamese cuisine!

Grilled pork mince skewers

  • Goi Du Du ($15) – paw paw salad with pork and prawn. This sounded special so we ordered it. It was quite refreshing but hot (spicy) on the palate, a torture for the sis. I liked the black sesame crackers that came with it.

Goi Du Du

All in all, I thought it was a great meal. Mum, like me thought the Banh Xeo was great! I think this will be my go to place for Banh Xeo unless I find some place else to replace it. Let me know if you have any recommendation! 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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