The Little Concept, Fremantle

The Little Concept

TDi Bella Coffeehe PFEs were invited recently to check out cafes that use Di Bella coffee, coffee beans that are blended, roasted and distributed daily from their roasting warehouse in Brisbane. There were a number of cafes in the list to choose from and I decided on the Little Concept in Freo. It seemed like a chilled out specialty coffee shop looking through their facebook page. I’m in!

The Little Concept cafe, located on Wray Street was quite busy by the time we arrived on a Saturday morning for a brunch session. Luckily we didn’t have to wait too long before we found a table as I was getting hungry by then. The cafe is small in size with a cozy vibe, almost like an “anything goes” kind of vibe as you step into it. I love that it’s a part grocery store as well, stocking a variety of gourmet food and drinks, the likes of Red Espresso, Prana Chai, Mork Hot Chocolate, Koja toppers etc. It’s fun to browse while you are waiting for your food!

Inside TLC

Inside TLC FullSizeRender4

The drinks menu was written on chalk boards hung on one side of the cafe and there were so many to choose from! Not only were there the usual coffees, there were also a variety of Prana Chai, Matcha, Mork chocolate, Red espresso and Coconut drinks. Special drinks like Filthy Chai (what’s that?), Iced Espresso Matcha, Peanut Butter Choc (wow!), Red Gingerbread Latte, argh..too many choices!

I ended up with my usual Long Mac ($4.30), old habits die hard unfortunately, and mum ordered the Cappuccino ($3.90). My sis was the only one that tried something different, a Chocolate Matcha ($6)!

Long Mac

I liked my Long Mac, it was creamy and smooth with a bitter taste that I’m fond of. I usually don’t put any sugar in my coffee as I find the sugar masks the taste of the coffee. Mum thought I was crazy as the coffee can get so bitter but that’s the taste that I like! I noticed quite a number of people in line getting their takeaway coffees, it seemed like a popular coffee shop for the locals. Too bad I don’t live in Freo!

Cappucino Chocolate matcha

Sis was not too fond of her Chocolate Matcha drink, she thought it didn’t blend well together and was too bitter in taste for her.

After we settled our drinks, it was time to turn to the food side of things. The food menu at TLC is simple and honest, sandwiches, bagels, muffins, salads, bircher, youghurts. We surveyed the counter and ended up ordering the following:

  • Chicken Panini ($10.90) – this was my order and it was great! Oozy cheese, pesto sauce, chunky chicken pieces and toasty panini. Yum!

Chicken Panini

  • Corn fritter ($7.50) – this was a favorite at the table especially the spicy salsa sauce that came with the fritter. The crunchy outer case was a bonus. It was gobbled up in minutes (also as it was small in size :p).

Corn fritter

  •  Sausage roll ($6.90) – this was the least favorite at the table as the lamb filling was too strong and overpowering. The pastry was soft on the inside as well.

Sausage roll

One unexpected item we found at TLC was the Honey Cake! I was so excited when I spied slices of the Honey Cake ($5.50) on the counter. I love the Honey Cake! It is so addictive and I can’t resist getting this in favor of the rest!

Honey Cake

Overall it was a pleasant and simple meal. I like discovering specialty cafes like these in our city! It also gave me a reason to venture into Fremantle which I don’t do enough! On a side note, there is a butcher next door which sells really good products and a homeware and women clothing store, Pekho, on the same street which has some nice stuff too. Great to explore!


Narration: Miss L
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