Musing: Change!

October has been a month of change and movement for me, first it was moving my office, then I was moving house and now moving my blog!  But yay, I finally got the new blog up and running with all my old posts transferred across as well.  All my posts are so precious and help me to reminisce on some good times as I actually remember the occasion and who I ate with for every single one of them.  My first post was of a lunch with my BFF and her boyfriend back then (now husband) in Freo and I remember us being very excited to check out the dessert.  It was such a long time ago, sadly the restaurant had closed now but the memories remain!

I thought creating a blog from scratch (with the addition of historic posts) would be a very difficult task but with a multitude of online help and step-by-step instructions nowadays, it didn’t turn out too bad.  I had initially asked for a quote for someone else to do it but it turned out too costly (albeit I only obtain one quote) so here I am.  I still have a bit of formatting to do but am quite happy with the result 🙂

So the subject of this post is called ‘Change’! Very different to my usual food review piece but I thought I would throw in some musings on a variety of topics once in awhile.  The topic of change fascinates me as I find people react to change(s) so differently, from excitement to indifference to anxiety.  So far the changes I had gone through this month had been somewhat major but I’d looked for the positives each time, like how I now have an adjustable working desk in my office but to get there we had to pack all our things within a few days amidst a busy schedule which was not a lot of fun.  Or I can do more things on the blog now, like writing this musing (not related to food), but to get there I have to create a brand new blog.

How do you react to changes?



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