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I’ve been meaning to visit Antz Inya Pantz for coffee for the longest time but have not had the opportunity until recently when I had a day off work! As I was craving for some coffee late one morning, the boy and I decided to head there to get my caffeine hit!

Antz Inya Pantz is located on Albany Highway towards the eastern side where the street is not as busy so there is ample parking. The cafe seemed different from when I first saw pictures of it on Urbanspoon (I must admit it had been a couple of years at least!), it seemed to have grown. It basically occupies two lot shops, one for sit down with comfy couches and tables, and next door, stationed with a large scale brewing equipment, for selling their cold brew coffees, Antz Cold Brew! There is even a takeaway outlet for people wanting ‘coffee to go’ on the opposite side of the road, Antz 2 Go. How it has grown!

It was very busy by the time we arrived but luckily we found some seats next to the window and plonked ourselves comfortably on them. There was already a queue for the coffees! It must be really good!

2 3

Antz Inya Pantz does not have a kitchen inside the shop but they do sell snacks to complement the coffee! There is a ‘Bagel Bar’ on the side which offers a variety of bagels by the Holy Bagel (yay!) and topped with a few flavors such as butter, cream cheese, honey, jam, as well as ham and cheese! We had ours on a rosemary & olive bagel, toasted and topped with cream cheese ($4)! Yum!

Cream cheese on bagel

I couldn’t resist a sweet treat as well! The Malteser Cupcake ($4)!

Malteser cucpake

And finally what I’d been wanting to try for ages, their coffee! Long Mac with skim milk and topped up ($4)! It was smooth and mild. I like!

Long Mac

The cafe became busier as the morning wore on especially with lots of takeaway orders. Such a buzzing atmosphere! We had really friendly service as well. Loved being there!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Antza Inya Pantz
Telephone: 6142 7992
Address: 965 Albany Highway, East Victoria Park
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