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A couple of weeks ago, an invitation came from the lovely Laura Moseley for an afternoon gathering to check out the Standard’s new summer menu. I was quite excited as the Standard has been on my list to visit for awhile now but I never had the chance until then!

The Standard is located on Roe Street in Northbridge and is a bar, kitchen, wine garden all in one. On arrival, I was ushered up to the balcony located in the garden up the rear end. The balcony overlooks the garden and is perfect for a small event, away from the crowd giving us some privacy but open enough not to lose the ambiance. There were a number of bloggers and foodies attending the event and I managed to meet a lot of those I follow on Instagram which was so awesome. Finally a face to the page!

We were served a variety of drinks throughout the afternoon – wines, cocktail, sparkling water and even a mocktail on request. The cocktail I had was a watermelon and vodka kind and was very refreshing that hot Sunday afternoon.

Looking on their website, I found that the Standard has an extensive wine and alcoholic beverage menu! Check it out at

Watermelon cocktail Mocktail White wine

And now to the food! We were introduced to a few dishes and a dessert for the menu tasting and they are all made for sharing. We had:

  • Beef carpaccio, wasabi cream, soy pearls and baby leaf ($15) – great appetizer, fresh beef slices and lots of leaves. Very healthy!

Beef carpaccio

  • Charred fennel salad, nectarine ponzu, pickled ginger, pea tendril ($16) – if I had to pick, this would probably be my least favorite dish as I found the fennel quite overpowering (I’m not a fennel fan!) Definitely not a dish to be eaten on its own.

Fennel salad

  • Caramelized squid, green mango, mandarin salad, cuttlefish cracker ($16) – this was one of my favorite dish! Loved the flavors in the squid salad and was so glad that they were not chewy at all. I could munch on those cuttlefish crackers forever! The squid salad on the crackers were even better. Delicious!

Caramelized squid with cuttlefish crackers

  • Potato salad, cucumber pickle, fried onion, egg yolk, air dried pork ($18) – everyone thought this would be an average dish as it didn’t sound too spectacular but boy, were we wrong! A homely dish but so tasty! I especially loved the sauce on the potatoes. This was another favorite!

Potato salad

  • Yellow fish & pineapple curry, gooey rice balls, coconut sambal ($24) – the gooey rice balls from this dish were a hit! Everyone was raving about it! Nice pairing of the two items – curry and rice!

Yellow curry and gooey rice balls

The last on the list was the dessert (I’d been waiting for it!) and it was all thumbs up from me, the Roast banana mousse, chambord gel, peanuts, white chocolate ($14). I like how so many techniques had been utilized to construct this dessert. Best of all was that it was not too sweet. I could eat the whole thing by myself!

Roast banana mousse

I had a great time that afternoon, more so as I manage to chat to a few bloggers, getting tips on where to go next for my meals! Coincidentally I was invited to a birthday party the following week also held at the Standard! All of a sudden, the Standard was the ‘thing’ haha stuffing my face with more of the caramelized squid and cuttlefish crackers was a highlight at the party!

Thanks to the Standard and Laura for the invite!
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