*Cold Rock Ice Creamery Christmas Pudding*

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This festive season, Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s Christmas Pudding makes a return to the stores and I was excited I get to try one! Cold Rock Ice Creamery has created a fun and quirky sweet treat that will cool you right down after a hot Christmas lunch, an Ice Cream Christmas Pudding! Shaped like a Christmas Pudding but all ice cream! I couldn’t wait to pick up mine.

To make it more personal, ice cream lovers can pick and choose their favorite flavor as well as smash in any extras as usual, lollies, chocolates, fruits, you name it. I decided to go for the Cold Rock Christmas Combo which is made up of mint ice cream with sour pitted cherries, Oreos and mini marshmallows. Here it is! Looks great doesn’t it!

Cold Rock Christmas Pudding

We had it after our early Christmas dinner and loved it! The mint ice cream was subtle and refreshing, unlike some mint ice creams and chocolates I have tried which overpower the senses with too much flavoring. A big tick for that. With each spoonful, you bite into some treats, it could be chunks of marshmallows or a tiny piece of Oreos, different each time as they are smashed in all over the pudding. I was very surprised it tasted so good!

Inside the Christmas pudding

The puddings RRP is $25.00 for a small pudding and $35.00 for the regular size. I got the regular size and it was more than enough for the three of us! We had to give some away to our neighbor and still had half left. I brought it to a meeting the next day and it was polished off quickly. Everybody loved it!

Thanks to ID Collective and Cold Rock Ice Creamery for the sample! it was an awesome treat!

Here’s my early Christmas dinner! My sister was gifted two huge crayfish by her boss and she shared them with us! Crayfish, garlic bread, Christmas pudding…bliss!

Christmas dinner
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