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Perthians north of the river jump for joy! The third PappaRich has recently opened inside Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre! No more long distance driving if you are craving for some hawker style food! One fine Saturday I ended up there, thrilled to be invited for lunch to celebrate its opening, I love the food at PappaRich!

PappaRich offers traditional Malaysian cuisine, in the form of authentic, high quality hawker-style street food which is right up my alley. My family and I have been frequent visitors to the Carousel branch as it was much easier to get parking and very convenient to sneak in for a meal after shopping. The same can be said now for the Joondalup branch! H&M, here I come!

The PappaRich in Joondalup seems slightly smaller in size in comparison to the venues in Northbridge and Carousel. Hope they will be able to fit the people in! As usual there is a queue at the front of the restaurant when we arrived but luckily we were able to skip the queue as our spot was booked in. Unfortunately it’s a once off!


It was a hot day so we cooled ourselves down with some of the fabulous drinks PappaRich has on the menu. I usually order my favorite Cham (mixture of coffee and tea) but since I’m supposed to be trying something new, I went for the Open Sesame ($7.90) instead, ice blended black sesame with soya milk and sesame ice cream. This was so good, I was slurping it up in one go and waiting for the ice cream to melt so I can have more. I just love the taste of black sesame in dessert or sweet treats!

My sister went for the Teh Tarik (Milk Tea) with Coffee Jelly ($4.90), and fellow blogger Inexology chose the Mango Mania ($5.90) and her hubby the Ribena Melon ($6.90). I think they are both new drinks as I can’t remember them being on the menu. The Ribena Melon seemed to be the most popular drink that day, we saw glass after glass coming out from the kitchen. I have to try it next time!

Open Sesame & Teh Tarik Mango Mania & Ribena Melon

Onto the food! I have my few favorites at PappaRich and usually stick to those when I visit. For this lunch I decided to try something I haven’t ordered before. My sister had the same thought. We decided to share the Biryani Rice with Beef Rendang and Sambal Prawns ($16.90) and the Fish Fillet Noodles Soup ($18.90). The hands down winner between the two was definitely the Fish Fillet Noodles Soup! Thin vermicelli noodles in a flavorsome milky broth, topped with fried fish fillet, silken tofu, tomato and veggies. My kinda dish! Love the unique saltiness in the broth that comes from the inclusion of some salted mustard vegetable.

Fish Fillet Noodles Soup

The Briyani Rice on the other hand didn’t quite hit the spot. I usually see a fair few tables ordering this dish so it is very popular. Maybe it’s just my preference!

Briyani Rice

We also tried a couple of snacks, the Vegetarian Fu Chok Rolls ($4.90) and Chicken Dumplings ($4.90). They weren’t to my taste either. I’ll stick with the noodles and satay and roti next time!

Vegetarian roll Chicken dumpling

We finished with a couple of desserts even though I was getting full by this stage. I think my Open Sesame was already a dessert by itself but there are so many items I want to try still! My sister had one of her favorite Egg Sago Pudding ($6.90) while I indulged in the Banana Fritters with Green Tea premium ice cream ($10.90). The Banana Fritter with green tea ice cream (sometimes I get it with the black sesame ice cream) is one of my favorite at PappaRich. Couldn’t get past not having it again. Luckily Inex and her hubby had stomach space still so they helped me to finish it off. So satisfying!

Egg Sago Pudding

Banana Fritter with Fried Ice Cream

Down the table I saw a huge Ice Kachang with black sesame ice cream plonked in front of one of the blogger. She was urging us to try but I couldn’t contemplate it at all as I was so full. Black sesame ice cream, you can’t tempt me! Haha a picture will do! :p

Ice Kachang

Once again, PappaRich did not disappoint, delicious food and drinks and fast service. Thanks to Wasamedia and PappaRich for the invite!

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