D’Big Mama, Coventry Village

D'Big MamaI accidentally stumbled upon D’Big Mama a couple of weekends ago whilst looking for a place to lunch at the Coventry Village in Morley. D’Big Mama is located near the front entrance facing Walter Road W, opposite the indoor playground and a couple of new restaurants I haven’t seen before. Having not visited Coventry for a few good months, I was surprised that so many new restaurants have sprung up! We were tempted though to D’Big Mama as they offer hawkers style of food, one of my favorite cuisine! Halfway through our lunch, the owner of the cafe started chatting to us and we found out that this is a new venture by the same family that owns the Noodle Forum restaurants in Perth City and Westfield Carousel. Traditional handmade noodles…oh yeah!

D’Big Mama is a very casual restaurant, open-aired with simple plastic chairs and tables for seating, as expected of a hawkers cafe. The place is quite big in size however they were filled quickly after we settled in. Must be the lunchtime rush. Menus are plastered across the front counter, as a photo with a price tag for each dish. A picture speaks a thousand words!

For drinks we ordered the Teh Tarik and Soy Bean Drink which is produced by Sunny Coco.  I thought the Teh Tarik was not as thick as how I usually like it but the Soy Bean Drink was really good. Very fresh and authentic! I tried their Soy Bean Pudding (Tau Foo Fa) as well at another occasion and it was so smooth and delicious. Highly recommended if you ever come across them at any cafes or grocery stores!

Teh Tarik and Soya Bean

For lunch, we had the following:

  • Mee Pok dry with minced pork and fish balls – a noodle dish with Chinese noodles characterized by its flat and yellow appearance. It is thicker than the usual egg noodle you get, say in a wanton noodle dish. I was told that the noodle was handmade by the owner. No wonder it tasted so al dente! The only complain I have is the small amount of minced pork you get with the dish. I like mine heap full with the mince like what I usually do at home with my noodles.

Mee Pok

  • Curry Laksa – a spicy noodle soup with prawns, chicken, tofu and beansprouts. The broth was sufficiently ‘lemak’ for me, the same consistency as what you find at Noodle Forum! Yum!

Curry Laksa

  • Prawn Mee – I didn’t get to try this dish but my friends told me it was excellent!

Prawn Noodle

  • Nasi Lemak – this was my favorite dish, the curry chicken and the sambal were so tasty! Topped with the roasted nuts and anchovies, it was the perfect lunch for me. The Nasi Lemak comes with either a side of curry chicken or fried chicken. I opted for the curry chicken as I had a massive craving for it. It didn’t disappoint!

Nasi Lemak

Dishes were priced around $11.50 – $12, and drinks $4.50 – $5.50 from memory (I forgot to take a picture of the menu!) I was talking to a few friends about this and one of them told me that they also have Bak Kut Teh with fried dough and it is awesome. I can’t wait to head back and try that! Another great cafe for hawkers food if you are so inclined!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

D’Big Mama
Telephone: N/A
Address: Inside Coventry Village, 243 – 253 Walter Road, Morley
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