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Fibber McGee’s is an Irish Pub and Steakhouse Restaurant located on Newcastle Street in Leederville which has been operating since 1998. I have walked past the venue numerous times always thinking it’s only a pub serving casual food.  Couldn’t be more wrong. When I was invited late last year to check out the establishment, I started my research on the place and was surprised to find that they actually serve proper restaurant meals! Not having had much to do with Irish cuisine, I took up the chance to see what sort of food they have!

What I found interesting about Fibber McGee is that the restaurant is supplied by its own Organic Farm Drumlane (whenever possible) located in Woolroloo, about an hour’s drive from Leederville. They believe in biodynamic agriculture, and support the “nose-to-tail” philosophy of food production.  Woofers are invited to work on the farm and they recycle the cooking oils from the kitchen at the restaurant, producing bio-diesel which is used to fuel the 4WD at the farm. Talk about sustainability! The chefs also hand make their own soda bread, sauces, meat glazes, dressings and cure their own bacon! Sounds great!

On arrival, we were ushered to the back of the establishment which opened up to a proper sit-down restaurant. I was genuinely surprised. It was totally different to the pub ambiance up front. It reminded me of the restaurants we visited in Switzerland, traditional and homely. Very nice!

Inside Fibber McGee Inside Fibber McGee

It was near Christmas when we were there so the place was decked with lots of festive decorations! “Tis the season to be jolly” 🙂

Christmas deco Christmas deco

I started with an Angas Moscato ($7.50) from South Australia. Been getting into the sparklies lately. It was sweet and refreshing, the way I like.  We deliberated over the menu as there are a few things I wanted to try but had limited stomach space (I had looked at photos of the meal beforehand and knew there were quite substantial!).

Angas Moscato Menu

Instead of ordering entrees, I went for the Fibbers Tasting Plate ($27.50) for my main (doubling up as the entree), a bit of everything is the best way to go! The plate consisted of a selection of hot and cold tastes from Ireland including fish with pea mash, mixed grilled sausage, bacon, salmon bites, parfait, chicken wings, pie, bread, salad. So many items on the one plate!

Tasting Plate

Tasting Plate

Tasting Plate

Alas, the Tasting Plate proved too much for me, I couldn’t finish it. I think this would best suit a party of four! The plate became overpowering towards the end as there were too many strong flavors clashing with each other. Definitely not something to eat by yourself as I learnt the hard way.

My sister ordered the Fish of the Day (market price), with royal blue mash potato, rocket and preserved lemon salad and lemon burre blanc. The dish was huge! It was the snapper that night, panfried and complemented nicely with the lemon burre blanc. I thought the salad tasted really nice too! Simple but refreshing. A hearty meal!

Fish of the Day

Fish of the Day

We were stuffed at the end of the meal but couldn’t resist getting a Sticky Date Pudding ($10.50) to share. It seemed very popular as most of the tables ordered this as their dessert!

Sticky date pudding

It certainly didn’t disappoint! The Sticky Date pudding came with vanilla ice cream and a bowl full of sauce. Delicious! Couldn’t resist the taste of butterscotch sauce! Yum!

We ended up rolling out of the restaurant that night. Even though we didn’t order many in terms of the number of dishes, each dish was very filling by itself! The restaurant is gaining a reputation for its dry-aged beef, supplied from their own unique Belted Galloway stock, however we could not not fit it in! A dish to remember for the next time!

Service was attentive and friendly. So glad I get to try this place out, something different to what I would normally have. Discovering this hidden restaurant was a great experience for me! Thanks to Fibber McGee for the hospitality!
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