Chinese New Year at the Silks!

Lunar New YearThe Lunar New Year (LNY) has always been celebrated at the Crown Perth and this year is no different! I was told that LNY is the second busiest time of the year for them! Two weeks of festivities with entertainment, activities, fireworks and most important of all, feasting! Who wouldn’t enjoy it? Crown has  a number of events and special menu lined up until the end of February. Check it out here! And don’t forget the 7.5m crystal Wishing Tree found at the lobby for an amazing LNY picture!

The LNY celebrations begin at Silks with a signature banquet designed by the Master of Cantonese cuisine, Head Chef Pat Cheong. Thanks to the Crown Perth, I was invited to celebrate this festive season with a lunch at Silks where we sampled a few of the dishes from the Signature Banquet. I was most excited! Sadly this menu was only available up to the Saturday that had just past (13 February).  For those who have missed out, there are other dishes in their main and dimsum menu which are great too!  Some of the dishes I’d tried when they first opened are shown in my  previous blog post :). Get in fast for next year!

One tradition that Crown has adopted for the past three years is the ‘Prosperity Toss’ held outside Silks, twice daily at 12pm and 6pm. I arrived just in time to participate in this special tradition! The dish itself is a colorful platter of shredded vegetables, pickled ginger and raw salmon garnished with lemon, spices, plum sauce, nuts, sesame seed and crisps. The idea is to toss the mixed ingredients high in the air with shouts of various auspicious sayings, to usher in luck and abundance for all. It can get very rowdy but it’s lots of fun!
Getting ready for the prosperity toss

Yue sang Getting ready for the prosperity toss

Loh Hey! Loh Hey!

Everyone that participated get to sample the dish as well! Great way to try something new!

After the highly energetic event, we were ushered into one of Silks’ private room for lunch. Feeling very much like a VIP (even though I’m not! haha)

We started with Amuse Bouche of oyster and tuna. Delicately presented, it was a hit with the guests. We were off to a great start!

Amuse Bouche

Next came my favorite Lunar New Year dish, the Yue Sang aka Prosperity Toss. The dish was covered with fresh Tasmanian salmon, it was so fresh! Love it! I wish I had more but as we had table service I was too shy to ask for second servings :p

Yue sang

The banquet continued on with the Silks deluxe appetisers of steamed scallop dumpling, twice roasted crispy pork belly, roasted duck with lychee jelly and baked abalone in Silks treasure sauce. The presentation was so elegant!

Deluxe appetisers

Up close of the individual items…

5a 5b

5c 5d

My favorite was definitely the twice roasted crispy pork belly. I’d been to Silks twice, once for dinner and another time for yumcha and we’d always ordered this! Crispy crackle. tender and succulent pork served with a twang from the mustard seed dip. Yum!

Then came the mains, there were the Deep fried boneless quail stuffed with traditional seafood paste, and the Slow cooked 9+ wagyu beef briskets with honey pepper sauce. Gosh they were so yummy. Luckily we had table service otherwise I will be gorging myself out with them. The boneless quail was particularly tasty but unfortunately they do not serve it in their usual main menu! We need to ask them to include this dish in! The photos don’t do them great justice but trust me, they are really good!

Deep fried quail Wagyu beef brisket

The bowl of Silks fried rice with Chinese gourmet sausage ended the mains perfectly. Most of us were quite full by then.

Bowl of fried rice

And then we remembered the dessert! How can we forget the dessert? It was a refreshing Pineapple jelly with ginger cream, lime crumble topped with lime sorbet and pineapple chips. Just the right dessert to finish us off without overbearing the taste buds.


Thanks to Denise Cheir (GM, Public Relations) and Crown Perth for the invitation. It was lovely to celebrate the Lunar New Year with you all 🙂
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