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Located in my old hood, Burrendah Boulevard in Willetton, Sarawak Hawker Cuisine has been a favorite of mine ever since they opened late 2014. It is our “go to” restaurant for our fill of noodles and rice dishes especially their specialty, the Kolo Mee, a favorite in the Sarawak (East Malaysia) world, where the noodles are flash-boiled, and topped with garlic and shallots, minced pork and shredded of BBQ pork. Simple but delightful. What makes it special at Sarawak Hawker is that the noodles are handmade in house and one get to experience the springiness of freshly made noodles at a very reasonable price. Win!

As per the norm of most Asian suburban restaurant, the setting is very simple, it’s almost like “let’s get some chairs and tables together and off we go” kind of decor. I hate to stereotype but it’s true most of the time :p. Sarawak Cuisine is small in size so finding a table during peak lunch / dinner hours can be a hassle. The wait for a table is not too long though as customers usually do not linger around after their meal. I choose to go earlier to avoid the crowd and it works most of the time! “Earlier” = an hour before meal time 🙂

Inside Sarawak Hawkers

Sarawak Hawker offers a variety of Asian drinks on the menu such as the Teh, Milo Dinosaur, Ribena Sprite, Iced Bandung Cincau, Soy Milk just to name a few and fresh juices as well. I have yet to try any as I usually just come for the food.

Onto our meal…the Kolo Mee! There are three variation to the Kolo Mee on the menu, the basic ($6.90), special ($10.90) and the extra special ($12.90). I’d imagine it was due to the type and number of toppings you get. We went for the Extra Special of course!

Kolo Mee

Kolo Mee

It was topped with BBQ pork, roast pork, king prawns, minced pork, fish balls and veggies! Wow talk about overload! Very filling and delicious! Check out the noodles in the next photo! Looks great doesn’t it!

Kolo Mee noodles

We also ordered the Hokkien Mee ($10.50) and the Kolo Mee with spare ribs to share. Both are really good as well. I note that Sarawak Hawkers announced on their FB page that they are now serving their own handmade thick egg noodle as part of the Hokkien Mee (as of January 2016). I have to go back to try!

Hokkien Mee

Kolo Mee spare ribs

For those who love their veggies, you can get a side of Kai Lan with oyster sauce for $5.

Kai Lan oyster

What a great addition to the southern suburbs! I wish I live nearer so that I can go there more often! Service is very simple, there is table service for the food but everything else is self-service, ie get your own cutlery, chilies, water, sauce, bowls etc at the front counter. I’m not complaining when I get to eat good food like these at affordable prices!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Sarawak Hawker Cuisine
Telephone: 9313 5457
Address: Shop 3/41 Burrendah Blvd, Willetton
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