La Vigne Bakery, Eastwood

La Vigne is a bakery is located on the ‘Korean’ side of Eastwood on Rowe Street, I’d been here a couple of times when I visited Sydney previously as it is located very near to where the hubby is staying. It was quite fascinating when I first found out that this particular part of Eastwood is divided by the train line where one side houses all the Korean shops and restaurants, and the other mainly of Chinese/Asian influence. I don’t think we have anything similar in Perth. At least here we know where to go when we have specific cravings!

When I arrived in Sydney about a month (+) ago, I had requested from work to put me up in an apartment near Ryde and they found one in Eastwood. It was around 3pm and I needed some afternoon tea! I came out to explore and found myself on the familiar street that is Rowe. Yay! I know of a couple of great bakeries here I thought.

I headed straight to La Vigne Bakery, a Korean-style bakery that offers a wide variety of traditional Korean freshly baked breads, cakes, pastries and desserts. Sadly I forgot to take some pictures but they are quite impressive. One can grab a tray and pick and choose what one wants and the items can either be packed and taken away or eaten in store. I chose a window sill seat so that I can look out and see what is happening on the streets.

I had a Long Black coffee and a couple of breads, the Coffee Bun and a Rice Cake Dough for my afternoon snack.

Long Black

Coffee Bun and Rice Cake dough

Coffee bun

The coffee bean from La Vigne is from Belaroma, it seemed to be quite a popular brand in Sydney as I observe a number of cafes stock them. The Long Black was satisfying and smooth on the palate. I had chosen the Coffee Bun as it resembled the Rotiboy you find in Malaysia but I found the taste to be different. The Coffee Bun at La Vigne was on the sweet side and it didn’t have a strong prominent coffee taste which I would have loved. The bun itself was fluffy on the inside and had a slight crunch on the outside. Not too bad.

The Rice Cake Dough sounded like a typical Korean snack so it was of interest to me. It was crunchy and sweet due to the overcoat, a bit of a sugar overload for me having it with the Coffee Bun as well. Maybe I should pace it out next time.

La Vigne has a wide variety of cakes, which can be bought whole or by the slices. I was eyeing the Sweet Potato Cake but was too full to try it. There is also a ‘Bingsu’ dessert on offer, something like Shaved Ice which looked awesome as well. So many things I want to go back and try! Oh yeah, not to forget they also have my favorite Green Tea Latte.

Service was very pleasant and friendly, I liked how they heat and cut up the bread for you if you decided to consume them at the store. Prices are very reasonable too. Will definitely be back!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

La Vigne Bakery
Telephone: 02 9858 3005
Address: 82 Rowe Street, Eastwood

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