Musings: In Sydney!

Hello May 2016! It’s been nearly 1.5 months since I relocated to Sydney to join my husband in our new lives together. Everything had been a whirlwind leading up to the move, our wedding in March, Japan trip with the family, and then straight to Sydney after only 4 days back in Perth from Osaka/Tokyo/Singapore.  The last few days in Perth consisted of packing, packing and more packing. I have accumulated a lot of things at home and in the office even though I had just moved to a new house and a new office space late last year. I guess the previous packing was more like a “shove everything in the boxes and take care of them later” attitude. Always a price to pay for that!

I managed to catch up with a number of friends and colleagues prior to the move which was great. It meant less sleep as it was work during the day, out in the evening and packing that lasted late into the night. They were worth it though. Missing my family and friends!

SO, what is it like living in Sydney?! I don’t think it has really sunk in yet, ask me in a few months time! I was based in Eastwood the first month and now in Ryde. Both northwestern suburbs in Sydney. Quite different than the city living I experienced whilst here for holidays. Some quick observations that come to mind…

  • Traffic! It’s definitely much busier here than Perth (ok, 4M vs 1.8M difference!) It’s harder to get around by car due to parking and traffic congestion but I love the train system. Efficient and convenient. All rides are also free as well after paying for the first 8 trips in a week!
  • Coffee. For some reason, the coffee is cheaper here than in Perth, about $3.50 for a regular. I even found a cafe selling a cup of coffee for $2 during their 2-3pm happy hour. The cafe is conveniently located a few doors from my office. Yay! A few brands have became regulars, Campos, Belaroma, Will & Co, and my most recent discovery, Gabriel Coffee! Gabriel Coffee has been my favorite ever since I discovered it at the Grounds Keeper Cafe in Ryde. Thankfully I found a cafe near my office stocking this bean. You know where I’ll be when I need a caffeine hit!
  • Thai food! Gosh the Thai food in the city is amazing, so many more varieties especially on the dessert front. My all time favorite are the fried sticks with pandan cream from Chat Thai. Yum!
  • Too many restaurants to choose from! I’m still getting my head around what’s popular and what’s latest in this town! Relying on Instagram and Zomato quite heavily for my choices!

I might continue to update this list as I experience more things but that’s enough for now!

We booked into dinner at Est. last weekend and I received a candle lit slice of cake when the staff found out it was my 1 month anniversary in Sydney! Talk about service, thank you! I felt quite special! 🙂


Here’s to more great adventures in Sydney! 🙂



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