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The Max Joy Co is an ice cream, dessert and drinks parlor located on the busy and vibrant Rowe Street in Eastwood. I found out about this place whilst searching Instagram, desperate to satisfy my craving for some black sesame ice cream. Feeling ecstatic that I found this so close to home, only a short walking distance from the apartment I was staying in when I first arrived, we headed there for dessert after lunch one afternoon.

The interior of the dessert parlor is bright and colorful. It makes one happy walking in and finding a brightly lit place in anticipation of some yummy ice cream! Max Joy Co also provides free wifi and a jack for USB charger at each table which is a plus! It makes it more convenient for those wanting to post a photo straight away after the order comes :p

Inside Max Joy Co

At the counter, there is a full range of ice cream on display. Besides the usual flavors such as Strawberry, Mango, Cookies n Cream, Vanilla etc, Max Joy Co also stocks a number of Asian flavors such as Green Tea, Black Sesame (my fav!), Pandan, Taro, Black Sticky Rice and even Hojicha (roasted green tea and very popular in Japan). Other than ice cream, they also serve waffles, sundaes and shakes.

Ice cream selection

Ice cream selection

I was there for only one reason and so ordered the two scoops ice cream in a cup – the Black Sesame and Hojicha. The hubby ordered the same flavor for his two scoops – Coconut (he’s not a true foodie as I always tease him 😛 who orders both of the same flavor?!).

Hojicha and Black Sesame

Double coconut!

The serving was quite generous. I enjoyed both the flavors I chose, they are not too sweet and had a slight bitter taste to them. I think I’m starting to prefer Hojicha over Matcha as it has a stronger and nutty taste to it. The Black Sesame ice cream was slightly grainy in texture which I liked too. A win for me! The hubby liked his Coconut ice cream too!

Max Joy Co also serves the Granny Smith flavor which I thought was unusual but apparently the Granny Smith apple was first grown right here in Eastwood. A local flavor! I will try that next time if I can get over my craving for Black Sesame ice cream and not ordering it again!

On another occasion I had ordered the Pandan Waffles with.. you guess it, Black Sesame Ice Cream. The waffles were a slight disappointment as they lacked flavor and were quite hard. I was interested in the Mochi Waffles as well but am not sure whether I’ll try it after not really liking the Pandan Waffles.

Service was great at Max Joy Co, the staff were friendly and always have a smile on their face They were happy to let us try out the different flavors as well before deciding what to get. Will definitely be back for more of the ice cream here!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

The Max Joy Co
Address: 251 Rowe Street, Eastwood
Contact: 02 8084 3234
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