Tenkomori Ramen House, Sydney CBD

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Tenkomori is a small corner stall located at the Regent Place Arcade alongside eateries such as Chanoma Cafe, The Choc Pot, Aqua S etc. They serve a range of ramen dishes, curries, rice bowls and combination meal boxes. The one feature that the hubby was drawn to and wanted to show me was that at Tenkomori, one can pick and choose a variety of toppings or side dishes to go with the meal according to one’s preference, a concept that is quite common in Japan. I remembered visiting a similar joint in Tokyo where I unfortunately picked up some natto without not knowing what it was! It tasted horrible on the first AND subsequent bites! Eep, sorry for the natto lovers out there, natto is really not my thing! The hubby loves it though so he was looking forward to Tenkomori, in hope of picking some up *ergh*

The seating area at Tenkomori is small so be prepared for the wait during peak hour. One good thing is that it is not an eatery where you linger to chat so patrons usually finish quickly and leave. We managed to secure our seats after hovering around for awhile. We had to order separately at the counter though so as not to lose our seats which meant we couldn’t start eating together.

The format of ordering is thus…order your favorite ramen or rice bowl at the counter, go through the lane to pick up the toppings you like and collect & pay for the goodies at the end. Service is really quick so by the time you get to the end of the lane, the ramen is usually only 1 – 2 minutes away, made right in front of you.


There are a number of broth bases available with the ramen including Tonkotsu, Miso, Shoyu or Shio. It comes either plain (just the noodles with the broth) or with fillings such as teriyaki chicken, stewed beef, pork katsu etc. Sizes come in Regular, Large, X Large. The choices available can seem overwhelming when you are a first timer! I decided to be simple and go with a regular Plain Tonkotsu Ramen ($4.90) so that I can pick and choose my toppings along the counter.

Here is my meal! I picked up some yaki gyoza, grilled squid, karaage chicken, seaweed salad, rice cake and tea, all for $18. I had to control myself as there were so many other things on the counter I wanted to try but I knew I wouldn’t be able to finish them if I had picked more! The tonkotsu ramen was quite tasty, it came with pickled mustard, dried seaweed, fishcake, roasted sesame and shallots. Serving was quite generous.

Tenkomori meal

My favorite part of the meal was probably the Black Sesame Daifuku ($3), a rice cake with sweet red bean filling. I’m going through a black sesame craze at the moment and although this had more of a red bean taste, it really satisfied! Well I do like my red bean as well 🙂

Black sesame daifuku Black sesame daifuku

The hubby came back with a Tonkotsu Tenkomori Ramen ($9.40) with some yaki gyoza and pork katsu. He enjoyed it but was disappointed that there was no natto at the counter. Woops!

Tenkomori ramen Tenkomori ramen

Tenkomori Ramen House resembles a street style ramen joint one could easily encounter in Japan, available right here in Sydney CBD! It could be a cheap eat for those disciplined enough not to over pick on those side dishes, though it was hard for me. A great place for a quick and easy meal!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Tenkomori Ramen House
Address: Shop 29, Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney CBD
Contact: 02 9266 0660

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