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Located not too far from Aqua S is another popular cafe/ice cream parlor, Chanoma! Chanoma cafe specializes in Japanese matcha (green tea), still the craze going around Australia at the moment. They provide a selection of ceremonial grade Japanese matcha served in a variety of hot/cold matcha infused beverages and desserts. Besides matcha, they also have Asian flavors including black sesame (my fav!), adzuki (red bean) and yuzu (citrus).They also serve a few traditional and modern Japanese snacks (hot dogs and chips).

I was first introduced to Chanoma by my BFF who came to Sydney not too long ago for a holiday. She was very excited and specified for us to go there for desserts! We headed there after dinner at Chat Thai on a Friday night and the place was buzzing! It was full house and there was a long queue! We managed to snag a table outside and poured over the menu. There were so many choices. I decided to go with the half-half Matcha/Adzuki soft serve ($3.90) and a Black Sesame Latte ($4.20) for drink. The hubby had the Adzuki Latte ($4.20).

Matcha/Adzuki soft serve

Loved the Matcha flavor in the soft serve! I thought the Adzuki flavor was too mild, I couldn’t really taste it. Maybe the Matcha flavor was too strong and overpowered it. As for the Black Sesame Latte, it was too sweet for my liking, I couldn’t finish it. Probably not a drink I would order again. The hubby thought the same for his Adzuki Latte. We will stick with the soft serve next time!

The BFF had the Anmitsu with jelly, fruits and mochi. It looked great! And most important of all, her kids loved it. They also liked the soft serve ice cream they ordered 🙂

Matcha Anmitsu

We were satisfied at the end of the night! Being the sweet tooth her, her hubby went and bought a Tetsuya cheesecake for breakfast the next day! Haha I’m yet too try it but was too tired to wait in queue!

On our second visit to Chanoma, once again after a Thai dinner (hubby’s favorite cuisine!), we found that Chanoma came out with new flavors for the soft serve range, one being the Black Sesame (so excited!) The other was the Matcha Latte, a creamier version of the Matcha. I had to try both, so it was a half-half again for me, the Matcha Latte/Black Sesame. Absolutely fantastic! The hubby had the Adzuki as he can’t take green tea at night due to the caffeine keeping him up. Maybe they should have an Adzuki/Black Sesame combo!

Soft serves!

Another great ice-cream parlor to visit especially if you love matcha and Asian flavors!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Chanoma Cafe
Address: Shop 1, Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney CBD
Contact: 02 8317 4910

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