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Thai being the hubby’s favorite cuisine brings us to many Thai restaurants around Sydney, especially those located in the popular Thai town in Haymarket. Do Dee Paidang is one we found through Zomato after checking out many others such as Chat Thai, Home, Yok Yor, @Bangkok, Boon Cafe etc.

Do Dee Paidang is located on Ultimo Road, an average looking restaurant except for the long queue found outside when we headed there for lunch on Saturday afternoon. We waited approximately half an hour or so before getting a table for two. Quite understandable as it is a small restaurant but popular! Be prepared to sit in close proximity to other patrons as tables are squished tightly together. It’s more a eat and go type of restaurant.

Inside DDP

The famous dish from Do Dee Paidang is their ‘Tom Yum’ soup. When we first saw this on the menu we did not think it was anything special as we thought it’s just the usual hot and spicy soup that you get at most Thai restaurants. But since we had read reviews and this is a must order dish, we decided to give it a go and found that the tom yum soup at Do Dee Paidang is not the usual fare at all!

The tom yum noodle soup here comes in a series of progressive spiciness from Level 1, already called the Do Dee Monster(!) up to Level 7, the Do Dee Super Nova where the soup looks deadly! We started small and ordered the Level 1 Do Dee Monster. It comes in either a small ($4.90) or jumbo ($9) with a choice of eight different types of noodles; fresh thin rice, thin rice, glass, egg, flat rice, Thai instant, Shanghai and wheat. We had the flat rice noodle. It came with a side of raw cabbage and beansprout. Very useful to help cool down the heat in the tongue!

Do Dee Monster

The Do Dee Monster looked quite innocent as it was set before us but boy was it hot! And it was only a Level 1 noodle soup! I can’t imagine what the next levels will taste like! Don’t think I want to find out soon. The noodle soup itself though was very tasty and flavorsome but it was just SO hot! A challenge for those out there who loves their spicy food!

The other noodle dish we had was the usual Beef Pad See Ew ($10.90) which was ok in taste. The hubby said he had tasted better elsewhere. (He is very particular about his Pad See Ew!)

Beef Pad See Ew

We also tried the homemade Sai Aua (Northern Thai spicy sausage) ($10.90) which is similar to the one we first discovered at Boon Cafe, another Thai cafe located inside Thai town. The sausage here though did not taste as good as the one we had at Boon Cafe as the tumeric flavor was too overpowering. It was quite spicy too!

Spicy sausage

Spicy sausage

There are a variety of desserts on offer here as well and we wanted to check out the Fried Bread Stick with Pandan custard, one of my favorite Thai dessert. I thought the ones here are not as good as the ones we had at Chat Thai. The bread sticks were more doughy and the pandan flavor was quite faint. I like it to be strong!

Fried Bread Sticks

We were very full by the time we finished and made a quick exit as there were many people eyeing our seats already. Yes there was still a queue outside the door even though it was past lunch hour. The Tom Yum noodle soup is definitely a must try if you decide to visit this place. Tell me which level you dare to order! :p

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Do Dee Paidang
Address: Shop 9/ 37 Ultimo Road, Haymarket
Contact: 02 8065 3827

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