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est. Restaurant is an elegant and beautiful dining room located on George Street in Sydney CBD. It boasts Modern Australian cuisine with a French influence by the renowned Executive Chef Peter Doyle. We booked a weekend spot here in anticipation for a lovely night with delicious food and it did not disappoint! Service was impeccable and friendly too. What a great experience!

We booked at the earliest time available for dinner and arrived just before the restaurant opened and walked in on the staff being prepped for the night. Woops. They recovered quickly from their surprise at seeing us and showed us to our table. The ambiance was perfect, low lighting, comfortable seats, cushion and grand decor. Hubby and I are in for a good night!

Inside est.

Inside est.

Not long after we were seated, the steward came with a wine cart containing some pretty special bottles. They looked expensive too! Not being a big drinker (and the hubby none at all), I had something from the wine list instead, a glass of the 2015 Rimauresq ‘Cru Classe’ Rose from Provence, France ($15). I could actually do without, practically ordered just for the fun of it :p The Rose had a clean and fresh note, pleasant to the palate.


Dinner at est. consisted of either the Tasting Menu (seven course $180pp) or the Chefs Menu (a choice of either two $105, three $135 or four $155 courses). For Friday and Saturday evenings, it narrows down to either the four course or the Tasting Menu only. We opted for the four course Chefs menu to get a more substantial size per meal. I’d imagined the Tasting Menu will be more like a degustation.

There are 4 options to choose from for each course. We picked a different one for each course between the two of us so we can have a taste of more dishes!

But first, complimentary bread as starter. The bread round came throughout our meal with varieties of fresh and fluffy sourdough. We loved it!

Bread + butter

Pictures of our meal shown below! Thoughts at the end 🙂

For the first course, we had:

  • Aged beef tartare, toasted rye, pickled onion, chive emulsion, dried scallop, sterling caviar
  • Moreton Bay bug tail, baby cos, macadamia, yuzu curd, finger lime, kombu butter (Miss L)

Aged Beef tartare

Moreton Bay Bug

For the second course:

  • Slow cooked pork jowl, parsnip cream, pickled pear, prune puree, coffee, crackling
  • Queensland spanner crab, scallop silk, confit tomato, baby radish, marigold, bisque (Miss L)

Slow cooked pork jowl

Queensland spanner crab

For the third course:

  • Rangers Valley beef striploin, smoked shallot, bone marrow, cimi di rapa, anchovy vinagrette
  • Lamb loin and belly, glazed fennel, pickled cucumber, caramelized yoghurt, mustard, dill (Miss L)

Rangers Valley Beef striploin

Lamb loin and belly

My favorites out of the main courses were the Slow cooked pork jowl and the Moreton Bay bug tail. One was hubby’s choice and the other mine. The pork jowl melted in the mouth and had an amazing crackling. I wish I chose that dish! It was the best dish of the night! The Moreton Bay bug tail was tasty as well, grilled perfectly and the yuzu curd and finger lime were refreshing pairing with the seafood. Yum.

The least favorite was probably the Lamb loin and belly. I did not enjoy it much, a bit too rare for me although it’s probably my fault for asking for medium rare! Wish there was more sauce too.

For dessert, I had the Passionfruit souffle with passionfruit sorbet (note a 20 minutes waiting time for this). I had high expectation of this but it did not quite deliver. The overall passionfruit flavor in the dish was too overpowering, it could possibly be better if the sorbet was of a different flavor. The hubby thought so otherwise. I should have swap our desserts as I loved his!

Passionfruit souffle

The hubby had the Coconut sorbet with black sesame, passionfruit curd, pineapple, coconut caramel and tarragon. Amazing. Both presentation and taste wise. The coconut sorbet, shaped as a real coconut was refreshing and addictive. I loved how the the black sesame added some crunch and the passionfruit curd added a nice tang to the dessert. Everything worked!

Coconut sorbet

Just as the staff presented our desserts, another staff followed behind with a slice of cake topped with a lit candle and set it down at our table. We were very surprised as it was neither our birthday that night. Turned out it was a ‘gift’ for welcoming me to Sydney! At the start of the night we were chatting to the staff and somehow I ended up telling him it was the first month since moving to Sydney when he asked whether we were celebrating any special occasion. How thoughtful! Felt very special then! The cake was delicious!

1 month anniversary cake

I also had a coffee ($8) to finish off with the petit fours.


Petit fours

Thanks est. for a great night out!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

est. Restaurant
Address: Level 1, Establishment, 252 George St, Sydney CBD
Contact: 02 9240 3000

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