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Recently I had an intense craving for ramen (it’s still semi-cold here in Sydney!) but could not find any ramen shop near my office in North Sydney. The nearest is probably Ryo’s in Crows Nest which is still a fair distance to walk 🙁 It was a disaster! Luckily I had a day off and after meeting up with an ex-colleague who I haven’t met in almost 9 years in Wolli Creek, I headed to the city in search for a ramen to satisfy my cravings!

Going through a few review pages, Gumshara Ramen seemed to top the ‘must-try’ ramen lists. Gumshara Ramen it is!

Gumshara Ramen is located inside the Eating World food court in Harbour Plaza, Chinatown. I followed my phone GPS but got lost! It’s the entrance to the food court that is hard to find! For those interested, the entrance is actually located on Goulburn Street, past Dixon Street if you are coming from the city centre. I walked a big round before finally getting to the entrance.

Eating World food court Eating World food court

The ramen stall is located at the back right hand corner as you enter the food court. The food court itself is brightly lit and quite small in size. I must admit if it was not for the raving reviews I would not have picked this place for a nice meal. The power of social media!

Inside the food court

Eating world food court Eating world food court

Gumshara Ramen specializes in Tonkotsu ramen, with a thick soup made by traditional Japanese way which uses only the pork bones and water.They are boiled for hours in which the bones are softened and the marrow is released into the soup. The end result, a creamy and rich soup filled with collagen! They do not add any MSG into the soup either!

When they said thick, I did not expect it to be THIS thick! Check out the Tonkotsu Ramen Noodle ($10.50) I ordered. The lady asked whether I wanted to add some soft boiled egg for an additional $2.50 but I was too stuffed from brunch so I declined. Great that I didn’t, I could hardly finish the bowl of ramen in front of me!

Tonkotsu ramen noodle

Tonkotsu ramen noodle

Verdict? The ramen noodle and pork slices tasted great but the soup was too heavy and thick for me. It had a strong flavor so you know they are not kidding when they say the soup had been boiled for ages! The level of saltiness is bearable. I note that you are allowed to alter the level of saltiness and thickness of the soup beforehand but how could I when I haven’t tried the original version? Next time! The soup actually reminded me of the chicken soba I had in a Tokyo train station which was full of collagen as well but tasted nicer. At least my skin benefited from this! :p

Condiments are free for the taking!


All in all, I don’t think Gumshara will be my favorite spot for ramen but I’m glad I tried this popular ramen joint. It gets really busy during lunch time as a big crowd descends upon the stall roughly past 12 noon. A note not to visit between 3 – 5pm as well as a new batch of tonkotsu soup will be in the making and you won’t get any. The price for the Tonkotsu Ramen #2 was only $10.50 which is very decent. Prices though range from that up to $25 where you can get a Super Mega Ramen Noodle full of all sort of goodies!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Gumshara Ramen
Address: Shop 211, Harbour Plaza, 25 – 29 Dixon Street, Chinatown
Contact: 0410 253 180

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  • AliceOnInk

    October 11, 2016

    Miss L, I agree with you too!
    The tonkotsu soup is great for people who adore ramen with very thick tonkotsu flavor , definitely not for the faint hearted (like me…)
    I find the lighter thinner consistency option more appealing !

    • Miss L

      October 15, 2016

      Hehe me too! Next time maybe need to dilute the soup :p
      Any other place you recommend? 🙂


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