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Sunday afternoon is usually grocery shopping time for us and we always head to Top Ryde City as it is only 10 minutes away from the church we attend in the morning. We’d been to a number of the eateries in Top Ryde City and decided to venture out onto the streets this time round for lunch and found Maroo!

Maroo is a Korean restaurant located on Church Street, Ryde diagonally opposite Top Ryde City. The front of the restaurant is plastered with photos of the dishes they offer which really make your mouth water as you look at them. Love it! It was not busy that afternoon we visited so there were ample of seats to choose from. As we sat down, I realized that the restaurant is actually quite massive. It extends right to the back, and there is another corner of seats behind the kitchen!

Inside Maroo Inside Maroo

Their menu consists of a variety of Korean Meals (the usual Bulgogi, Bibimbap etc), Hot Pot (usually for 2), traditional BBQ (prepared at the table on charcoal grills) and some Specials. We opted for dishes from the Meals section as we did not have much time before we had to head back to Top Ryde City to meet up with my mum in law who was doing all the grocery shopping.

We had the Spicy Chicken ($15) and Spicy Squid ($15), with a bowl of rice included. They were both served on hot plate but there was no sizzling action when they came out. The hot plates must be for the looks only 😛 Before that we were given complimentary pumpkin soup for starter. The pumpkin soup was quite grainy and was actually sweet. It tasted more like a breakfast cereal ‘soup’ rather than a starter. I didn’t like the initial taste but it grew on me the more I sipped it.
Pumpkin soup

The Spicy Chicken and Spicy Squid

Spicy Chicken

Spicy Squid

I had the Spicy Squid which tasted really good. The squid was not chewy and had the charred flavor which I like! The only drawback was the dish was not spicy at all which was surprising! Usually Korean spicy dishes are really hot! The hubby had the same comment with his Spicy Chicken. No spice 🙁

One of the highlights of any Korean meal is the variety of sides that they offer. I usually look forward to them the most! The sides at Maroo were presented beautifully but once again we found the kimchi lacking in spiciness. It was very surprising! The potato salad though tasted really good, as well as the eggplant and broccoli.


All in all, it was an ok lunch, would have preferred the dishes to be spicier than what we had. The service was good though, friendly and attentive!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Address: 16 Church Street, Ryde
Contact: 02 9808 6864

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