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Incredible Chicken is located on the Korean side of Rowe Street in Eastwood. One weekend I had a craving for fried chicken. Chatting to my friend from primary school who was having her hair straightened in that area, she suggested for me to check out Incredible Chicken as the city branch of the same brand is very popular. So we decided to meet up for dinner there that night.

It is usually very hard to find parking in Eastwood on a Saturday evening on Rowe Street. I tried my luck at Aldi further up the street and secured the last parking. Phew! My friend on the other hand had to park a far distance away on the street. It’s usually the case of ‘the earlier you arrive the better’ in Eastwood.

I thought the restaurant would be quite full on the weekend and was expecting to queue up but it was quiet when I arrived. Simple decor, nothing too fancy, I guess it’s all about the food here.

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We were there for the fried chicken so we jumped straight into it and was recommended to try the Spring Onion Chicken. “It is one of the most popular flavor”, as told by the staff. OK, Spring Onion Chicken it is! One aspect I like about Incredible Chicken is that you are able to order a half ($18) or a whole ($32) size as I find the whole is usually too big for two people. It had deterred me from ordering at other Korean restaurants which don’t have this flexibility! With the Spring Onion Chicken came a couple of complimentary sides, the sweet potato and pickled radish. We don’t get the full suite as we didn’t order a main meal! Just the fried chicken and a dish from the entree menu.

Spring Onion Chicken

Side dishes

The Spring Onion Chicken is a crispy fried chicken with specially made wasabi sauce sprinkled with spring onion. We thought the chicken was really crispy and was yummy but it lacked the wasabi taste. In fact we could hardly taste any wasabi at all. Not good when you are expecting some kind of ‘tang’ as you bite into the chicken.

We also had the Spicy Rice Cake ($10) on the side which was a fairly large dish. It was good, cooked with onions and fried tofu. It was not very spicy though.

Spicy Rice Cake

All in all, it was an ok meal for what we ordered but nothing too memorable. Incredible Chicken also serves casserole and Korean meals for those who are not incline to fried food. My craving for fried food was satisfied that night!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Incredible Chicken
Address: 120 Rowe Street, Eastwood
Contact: 02 8033 2085

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