Pho Tau Bay, Cabramatta

I have always wanted to visit Cabramatta ever since hearing about the great and authentic Vietnamese food available there. Hubby decided to drive me there after hearing my desire, bless his heart. Since then we had been numerous times, each time bringing with us a guest from Perth. A real Asian experience we tell them. They ended up loving the food and atmosphere there too!

Pho Tau Bay (PTB) located at the end of John Street is one of our go to restaurant for Vietnamese noodle soup. We found the restaurant whilst researching for the best ‘pho’ on the internet and PTB comes up often on the search! A queue is guaranteed if you go during lunch hours especially on the weekend. Luckily it’s an ‘eat and go’ sort of restaurant so the turn around is really quick. We’d went back twice since our first visit as we liked it so much. Here are some of the dishes we tried…

  • Pho Beef Combination ($11 for medium; $14 for large). You can’t go to PTB and not try the Pho. It’s truly delicious with the broth packed full of flavors! They must have boiled the broth for ages. My hubby loved this and never deviated from this dish the next couple of times we went! Must try! I must say this totally ruined the pho we had at other restaurants outside of Cabramatta since as those don’t seem to match up in flavors. Now we reserve our stomach space only for pho in Cabra!

Note that our dishes are all medium in size. They are already quite substantial, I can’t imagine what a large would look like!

We found that it is common to order the Fried Bread Stick ($1.30 each) to go with the Pho here. This practice is quite new to me (never heard of it!) but it was a good addition especially for those who love their fried dough (ME! :P)

  • Banh Canh – Tapioca Noodle ($11 for medium; $14 for large). I ordered the special signature version which is advertised on the wall only – the Blue Swimmer crab soup. The soup was thick, slightly starchy and flavorsome. I liked it! The tapioca noodle was smooth and went down easily. This could become my favorite!

  • Bun Bo Hue – Spicy Beef & Pork Noodles ($12 for medium; $14 for large). My friend introduced this spicy and sourish dish to me and I’ve started to grow to like the taste recently. I usually try to order this as a comparison to a great one I had in Perth. I thought the one at PTB was not as good, it was not spicy and sourish enough for me. Hope to find a comparable one soon!

  • Com Rice Special – Broken Rice ($13) the Special came with pork chop, shredded pork, steamed egg cake and fried egg. I asked the friend who ordered this how it was and he said it was good. I could not get anything else out of him. Man with a few words!

Another must order at PTB or any Vietnamese restaurant for that matter is the Ice Coffee ($3.50). It brings a closure to the lunch!

One of my favorites to visit when I’m in Cabramatta!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Pho Tau Bay
Address: 12/117 John Street, Cabramatta
Contact: 02 9726 4583

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