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Left of Field, Rhodes

Left of Field Left of FieldWebsite:

While surfing the internet one night for a good brunch spot, I found Left of Field (LoF) in Rhodes. I was heading to the Homebush DFO outlet the next day and LoF was on the way so it was the perfect spot to stop by for a nice brunch ūüôā Excited!

Left of Field is located on Gauthorpe Street underneath a block of apartments. There are still construction works happening around the area so parking was a bit of a problem. I found parking on the street a couple of blocks away.

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Maroo, Ryde


Sunday afternoon is usually grocery shopping time for us and we always head to Top Ryde City as it is only 10 minutes away from the church we attend in the morning. We’d been to a number of the eateries in Top Ryde City and decided to venture out onto the streets this time round for lunch and found Maroo!

Maroo is a Korean restaurant located on Church Street, Ryde diagonally opposite Top Ryde City. The front of the restaurant is plastered with photos of the dishes they offer which really make your mouth water as you look at them. Love it! It was not busy that afternoon we visited so there were ample of seats to choose from. As we sat down, I realized that the restaurant is actually quite massive. It extends right to the back, and there is another corner of seats behind the kitchen!

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est. Restaurant, Sydney CBD


est. Restaurant is an elegant and beautiful dining room located on George Street in Sydney CBD. It boasts Modern Australian cuisine with a French influence by the renowned Executive Chef Peter Doyle. We booked a weekend spot here in anticipation for a lovely night with delicious food and it did not disappoint! Service was impeccable and friendly too. What a great experience!

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Gumshara Ramen, Haymarket

Gumshara menuWebsite:

Recently I had an intense craving for ramen (it’s still semi-cold here in Sydney!) but could not find any ramen shop near my office in North Sydney. The nearest is probably Ryo’s in Crows Nest which is still a fair distance to walk ūüôĀ It was a disaster! Luckily I had a day off and after meeting up with an ex-colleague who I haven’t met in almost 9 years in Wolli Creek, I headed to the city in search for a¬†ramen to satisfy my cravings!

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Me Pho, Eastwood

Me PhoWebsite:

Me Pho is located on the busy Rowe Street in Eastwood, the strip which has quickly become our go to place for a meal due to its close proximity. There are so many restaurants and cafes to choose from along this street, especially if you are into the Asian type of cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc). For lunch we decided to go Vietnamese and arrived at Me Pho.

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Cafe Once Upon A Time, West Ryde

OUAT cafeWebsite: cafe

Cafe Once Upon A Time is located on West Parade, opposite the West Ryde train station and in close proximity to Marketplace Centre where Woolies and Coles are situated. We were looking for a cafe nearby for brunch and decided to give the cafe a go. We parked at the Marketplace Centre (2 hours free parking) and ventured out to look for it. Not being too familiar with its location we ended up getting in through the back door. It was then that I realized what a huge cafe it is! Double storey with a decent sized alfresco dining area as well!

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Tenkomori Ramen House, Sydney CBD


Tenkomori is a small corner stall located at the Regent Place Arcade alongside eateries such as Chanoma Cafe, The Choc Pot, Aqua S etc. They serve a range of ramen dishes, curries, rice bowls and combination meal boxes. The one feature that the hubby was drawn to and wanted to show me was that at Tenkomori, one can pick and choose a variety of toppings or side dishes to go with the meal according to one’s preference, a concept that is quite common in Japan. I remembered visiting a similar joint in Tokyo where I unfortunately picked up some natto without not knowing what it was! It tasted horrible on the first AND subsequent bites! Eep, sorry for the natto lovers out there, natto is really not my thing! The hubby loves it though so he was looking forward to Tenkomori, in hope of picking some up *ergh*

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Ho Jiak, Strathfield

Update 5/2/17 – Ho Jiak has a new sign!


Ho Jiak is a tiny hawker style stall located inside the Strathfield Plaza. One could almost miss it if not looking for it carefully as there is no obvious sign in front of the stall except one that says “Petaling Express – a taste of Malaysia”. We were recommended this place by one of hubby’s friend as they had a special dish not found anywhere….the Durian Fried Rice! What?! Durian Fried Rice?! Now that’s a first. Being the ever curious me, we had to check it out!

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Coffee Traders, Ryde

Coffee TradersWebsite:

Coffee Traders is located within the Piazza Dining area on Level 1 of the Top Ryde Shopping Centre. There are approximately 19 restaurants in this area across the ground and first floor. I have only managed to check out a few of the restaurants here ever since arriving in Sydney, with the Red Spoon Thai being our most visited place for lunch (the hubby and his Thai cuisine :P).

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Jarern Chai Boon Cafe, Haymarket

Jarern Chai Boon CafeWebsite:

Jarern Chai Boon Cafe is a half grocer/half cafe shop located on Pitt Street in Haymarket. The hubby’s favorite cuisine is Thai so we decided to check this place out for dinner. Jarern Chai Boon Cafe is owned by the same people behind Chat Thai and specializes in Thai sandwiches during lunch time and reverts to traditional Isaan Thai cusine for dinner. I read that they serve some pretty yummy¬†dishes for breakfast as well but not sure when I will ever be in Haymarket early enough to catch that. I will have to be satisfied with their dinner menu for now.

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