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Element 6, West Ryde

Element 6Website:

Element 6 cafe located on Ryedale Road is probably one of the trendier cafe found in the suburb of West Ryde. Even though it is located on the quieter side of the train station (not the Woolies/Coles side), it seems to draw a regular crowd as evident in people queuing up for seats or takeaway coffee whenever we’d past the cafe. I’d been a couple of times, once during a weekday morning and another a weekend afternoon and it was buzzing with activity both times. A stark contrast to the neighboring businesses.

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The Max Joy Co, Eastwood

Max Joy CoWebsite:

The Max Joy Co is an ice cream, dessert and drinks parlor located on the busy and vibrant Rowe Street in Eastwood. I found out about this place whilst searching Instagram, desperate to satisfy my craving for some black sesame ice cream. Feeling ecstatic that I found this so close to home, only a short walking distance from the apartment I was staying in when I first arrived, we headed there for dessert after lunch one afternoon.

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Sun’s Burmese Kitchen, Blacktown

Sun's Burmese KitchenWebsite:

Sun’s Burmese Kitchen is located in the inner Western suburb of Blacktown on Tulloch Street. We finished a meeting nearby one Saturday afternoon and decided to head there for lunch. The hubby and MiL had been previously and thought the food was good. I have never been to a Burmese restaurant before back in Perth, so it was a good chance to check out the food!

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Queenies, Surry Hill

The ForrestersWebsite:

Queenies is located on Level 1 at the Forresters in Surry Hills. We stumbled upon Queenies whilst browsing through Dimmi for a restaurant to book to claim our $50 voucher for dinner. Queenies serves Jamaican cuisine, very different to what I would normally have so we decided to give it a go.

It was quite a track getting there by foot from Chippendale where hubby has a parking spot for work. An uphill track as well :(. We were tired and hungry by the time we arrived! As we booked for an early spot (right when the restaurant opens), we had the restaurant to ourselves! Hope this means the food will come out fast!

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Big Tree House, Rydalmere

Big Tree HouseOh gosh, it’s been a fair while since I last posted on the site! Work has been really hectic which took up most of my time the last month or so. It is only now settling back to normal. Time for a post 🙂

I’d been hitting up a number of Thai restaurants lately as the Hubby loves the cuisine. I must say the Thai cuisine here is much more advanced than Perth’s, also cheaper and a bit less formal. There are so many Thai cafes in the city! We’d been going to a different one every fortnight or so haha I’m going to be an expert in Thai food soon 😛 This post though is on a quick stopover brunch we had at Big Tree House in Rydalmere whilst we were still living in Eastwood.

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La Vigne Bakery, Eastwood

La Vigne is a bakery is located on the ‘Korean’ side of Eastwood on Rowe Street, I’d been here a couple of times when I visited Sydney previously as it is located very near to where the hubby is staying. It was quite fascinating when I first found out that this particular part of Eastwood is divided by the train line where one side houses all the Korean shops and restaurants, and the other mainly of Chinese/Asian influence. I don’t think we have anything similar in Perth. At least here we know where to go when we have specific cravings!

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Musings: In Sydney!

Hello May 2016! It’s been nearly 1.5 months since I relocated to Sydney to join my husband in our new lives together. Everything had been a whirlwind leading up to the move, our wedding in March, Japan trip with the family, and then straight to Sydney after only 4 days back in Perth from Osaka/Tokyo/Singapore.  The last few days in Perth consisted of packing, packing and more packing. I have accumulated a lot of things at home and in the office even though I had just moved to a new house and a new office space late last year. I guess the previous packing was more like a “shove everything in the boxes and take care of them later” attitude. Always a price to pay for that!

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The Craftsman Bar Brasserie, Cannington

The CraftsmanWebsite:

The Craftsman Bar and Brasserie is located at Carousel Shopping Centre next to Han’s Cafe and opposite Zushi Bento / Fast Eddy’s. It’s a big establishment, one can’t miss it if one enter Carousel through this entrance, the most common way to get to Hoyts cinema. I pass the Craftsman countless times whenever I shop at Carousel or catch a movie at Hoyts but have never thought of dining here before. From the outside it seems to me just a bar where people drink and have finger food. When I was invited recently to check out the place, I was surprised to find a dedicated restaurant inside with a notable difference in ambiance to the outside! Silly me for forming an impression even before venturing further in. The menu is a modern Australian fare with a few ‘classic’ pub items thrown in as well. A great start to the discovery of this place!

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Woodfire Italian Restaurant, Ellenbrook

Woodfire ItalianWebsite:

Just last month I was contacted by Chef Lorenzo Schiaffini regarding his new Italian restaurant in Ellenbrook and the menu sampling lunch he was hosting. Not having ventured to Ellenbrook before, it was a good opportunity to head down that way to see what it has to offer. It was also very enticing as Chef Lorenzo was the Head Chef of the renowned Jamie Oliver’s Italian eatery Perth for the last two years but have now decided to venture out on his own in the suburbs with his business partner, Mark Barnett. Lucky people living in Ellenbrook!

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Pearth Organic Kitchen, West Leederville

Pearth Organic KitchenWebsite:

It was the day before the New Year, it was hot, I had just arrived back to Perth and was down with the cold, it wasn’t a good time to cook but we needed to eat! I looked up a few cafes that I wanted to go to but they were all closed. Thank God for instagram at a time like this, one #perthcafe hashtag search and I found Pearth Organic Kitchen. Described as an organic cafe serving breakfast and lunch, it was right up my alley. I needed something healthy and simple, an organic cafe fitted right in!

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