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La Vigne Bakery, Eastwood

La Vigne is a bakery is located on the ‘Korean’ side of Eastwood on Rowe Street, I’d been here a couple of times when I visited Sydney previously as it is located very near to where the hubby is staying. It was quite fascinating when I first found out that this particular part of Eastwood is divided by the train line where one side houses all the Korean shops and restaurants, and the other mainly of Chinese/Asian influence. I don’t think we have anything similar in Perth. At least here we know where to go when we have specific cravings!

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La Belle Sweets, Laithlain

La Belle SweetsWebsite:

La Belle Sweets has a store! And it’s located on Gallipoli Street in Laithlain. I first heard about La Belle Sweets through a friend who lives nearby the bakery, she was most excited about the sweet treats there and knowing her taste in this subject matter I thought I had to check it out myself. Subsequently after introducing the bakery to my mum, she recognized the owners as the ones who sell great almond croissants at the Kalamunda Farmers Market. Yep, one and the same.

My first visit to La Belle Sweets was for breakfast early morning before heading off to a conference. Their savory items were not ready yet so I settled for some sweet treats. I’ve been noticing lately that I’d started taking desserts for breakfast! Not sure whether that is a good or bad thing! There are a variety of items to choose from even so early in the morning. They must have started baking in the middle of the night!

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***Guest Blog: The Cooking Professor (Pies + Tarts – A Lesson in Pastry)***


Due to a miscommunication on my part, I was unable to make a cooking class of “baking, pies and tarts” at The Cooking Professor in Churchlands last week. It was such a bummer as I love all things baking, especially learning how to bake a tart! Fortunately my lovely friends were able to attend on my behalf and from their reports had such a ball at the class! I was so happy as they sounded so excited when they gave me accounts of their experience! I even scored a dessert tart made by one of them over the weekend (thanks SC!) The other one of them had so much fun that she wrote a post of her account for me to publish here. Thank you FC, love your enthusiasm when it comes food! Check out the post below, a budding blogger in the making I say!  


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Cowaramup Bakery, Cowaramup

Cowaramup BakeryOn our way to the Margaret River Gourmet Village on Sunday, we stopped by at the Cowaramup Bakery to get a few snacks, not knowing how long we would have to wait in line before we could buy some food at the Gourmet Village. My friend had recommended the Margaret River bakery for their salted caramel donuts but unfortunately they do not open on Sundays. I looked through Urbanspoon and found Cowaramup Bakery, located on Bussell Highway enroute to Margaret River. Very convenient.

Cowaramup Bakery was quite busy when we arrived. I surveyed the shop and found that their specialty seemed to be the pies and rolls. A lot of people were queuing up to get their pies! There were a number of varieties to choose from, they even have a Red Thai Chicken Curry Pie!

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Martineaus Patisserie, Nedlands

I was looking for a patisserie one day to buy a cake and found Martineaus Patisserie on the internet. It seemed promising so I went looking for it during lunch time. It’s quite a hard place to locate, hidden within the Captain Stirling Shopping Centre, I had to walk a fair distance in before stumbling onto the place!

There were quite a few variety of cakes to choose from and I picked the special of the day, the Lemon Meringue Cake. It looked so beautiful!, albeit on the expensive side. It was a hit for the birthday girl and the rest of us. Yummy!! Tangy lemon underside with a nice base!

Lemon Meringue Cake

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Barrett’s Bread, Nedlands


For my job last year, I was mostly working in Nedlands in the last few months and managed to visit some of the eateries in the area. It was almost like reliving my university days except for the many more choices available now compared to before! My next few entries will be of some of the restaurants, cafes and bakeries I visited in Nedlands! 🙂

The first cafe I noticed whilst driving along Stirling Highway was Barrett’s Bread on Broadway, a few shops away from the Caltex Petrol Station. I was so excited that the cafe was still there! It was one of my favourite patisserie from almost a decade ago! I remembered the yummy almond croissant I used to buy back in those days! Couldn’t resist making a breakfast stop for it one morning! I noticed that they had renovated the place, it looks much more modern than what I remembered.

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Mary Street Bakery, Highgate

1I’d first read about Mary Street Bakery from the food bloggers around town which perked my interest and landed the bakery in my “to try” list. When my BFF sent me a picture of their “Monut” (replica of the Cronut!) she was having with a highly recommended tag, it tipped this place into the “must try” list! I extracted myself from a yumcha at the Silks one Saturday to a brunch at Mary Street Bakery!

On arrival, I realised that Mary Street Bakery is located where Soto Cafe used to be. I didn’t know Soto Cafe closed down! It’s sad when a cafe close down, hopefully it wasn’t due to it being unsustainable!

Mary Street Bakery was buzzing when we arrived, with a 15 – 20 mins wait for a table. The entrance was spacious, with an elevated counter and kitchen down the back wall and tables/chairs in another room on the right. I thought the tables were placed a bit too closed together – modern setting perhaps?

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The Tenth State, Crawley

The Tenth StateThe office I’m working in had recently moved to Nedlands, providing me with the opportunity to explore the local eatery scene. I am particularly interested in the cafes and bakeries around the area!

The Tenth State is one of the bakeries I found through Urbanspoon. Craving something sweet after lunch one day, I decided to venture down to Broadway, convincing a colleague to go with me.

The Tenth State is not only a cafe/bakery, it is also a home and design concept store, with half of the store dedicated to design, art and fashion items for sale. Nice!

Items for sale More sweet treats

Cabinet full of sweet treats

Various sweet treats were on offer, cupcakes, croissant, pastries, slices – I noticed they were selling Rawsome treats too!

I was tossing between getting the Peanut Butter and Chocolate cupcake ($4.50) which looked amazing or the Gluten free Passionfruit and Lime Tart ($4.50). I decided to go with the later, it sounded much healthier to me!

Passionfruit and Lime TartInside the tart

The tart’s interior was made up of desiccated coconut which was different to the normal tart one would expect. It was quite nice actually. Love the smooth and thick passionfruit topping.

My colleague succumbed and bought a Chocolate Macadamia Brownie ($4.50). It was loaded with whole macadamia nuts and white chocolate pieces. I believe they come from the Little Bakery based in North Fremantle. Delicious!

Chocolate Macadamia BrownieWhole macadamia nut!

Coffee at the Tenth State’s coffee is from 5 senses, will have to try it the next time round!

This was a great find!

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars

The Tenth State on Urbanspoon

Utopia, Perth

UtopiaUtopia is a great place to get the popular Asian drink, Bubbletea (BBT).  BBT originated from Taiwan and is a tea based drink containing traditionally gelatinous tapioca pearl “Sago”.  However, BBT has evolved into a whole new level in recent times – there are over 50 different flavours with or without milk, it comes hot or cold, and you could add extras such as flavoured jelly, flavoured pudding, aloe vera, etc.  For those familiar with Utopia, you would know what I’m talking about if I wanted something like “Summer Love” or “Horlicks”.

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