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Little Bird Cafe, Northbridge

Little Bird CafeWebsite:

The Little Bird Cafe located on Lake Street in Northbridge was recommended by my sister’s friend for its smoothies – the Green Smoothie in particular was highly recommended. After checking out the photos on Urbanspoon, my family and I decided to head there for breakfast one weekend. Some of the photos of the food at the Little Bird Cafe just looked so picturesque!

The Little Bird Cafe is quite big in size, with a spacious indoor area, outdoor high benches near the entrance and a courtyard area. The decor was very cool, retro and antiquey, there are a few items that will make you look twice out of admiration. I really like the multi-colored lampshade sitting on the table! Apologies to my readers as I forgot to take a photo of it to show you! I also like the live entertainment that came from the guitarist, gracing us with his songs and singing throughout our meal. Absolutely loved the atmosphere.

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The Little Pantry, Shenton Park

The Little PantryWebsite:

My sister stumbled on the Little Pantry online whilst looking for a place to meet up with our mother for breakfast/brunch one Saturday. Preferably to be near Subiaco as I was getting my hair done at Curi on Rokeby Road, the Little Pantry was not too far away, located on Nicholson Road in Shenton Park. I had initially suggested Milk’d which is just across the road from Curi but she was not too keen after reading some unfavorable reviews on Urbanspoon. I did not expect the rating on Urbanspoon to have such persuasive means when it comes to choosing a place to dine in but apparently it does.

The Little Pantry was full by the time we arrived late morning but we managed to squeeze into a small table which would have accommodated two nicely but tight for three. The table was also located right next to the thoroughfare which didn’t help. But beggars can’t be choosers right!

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The Old Crow, Northbridge

The Old CrowWebsite:

The Old Crow is located on Newcastle Street in Northbridge, next to the ever popular Tuck Shop! We arrived quite early for breakfast so there was no line (yay!). Actually there were not that many people either for that matter. It was a different story though by the time we left! Early birds do catch the worms!

The Old Crow has a huge alfresco area which was so alluring but we opted to sit inside as it was sweltering hot that day. Yes, it had reached 30degC even though it was so early – Perth summer weather, gotta love it! Wooden tables and chairs padded with cushions greeted us inside.

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Mary Street Bakery, Highgate

1I’d first read about Mary Street Bakery from the food bloggers around town which perked my interest and landed the bakery in my “to try” list. When my BFF sent me a picture of their “Monut” (replica of the Cronut!) she was having with a highly recommended tag, it tipped this place into the “must try” list! I extracted myself from a yumcha at the Silks one Saturday to a brunch at Mary Street Bakery!

On arrival, I realised that Mary Street Bakery is located where Soto Cafe used to be. I didn’t know Soto Cafe closed down! It’s sad when a cafe close down, hopefully it wasn’t due to it being unsustainable!

Mary Street Bakery was buzzing when we arrived, with a 15 – 20 mins wait for a table. The entrance was spacious, with an elevated counter and kitchen down the back wall and tables/chairs in another room on the right. I thought the tables were placed a bit too closed together – modern setting perhaps?

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Gusto Food, South Perth

Gusto Food!Gusto Food is located on Angelo Street in South Perth where a few nice cafes (Secret Garden, Halo Espresso, Globe etc) congregate. I first heard of this place when a friend posted up some amazing looking breakfast dishes on her facebook page. “You must go try it”, she said – OK, off I went one Saturday morning with my sister.

It was early and the place was already jam packed! We waited 10 minutes or so for a table which was quite quick. I had a hard time choosing what to order as there were so many dishes I wanted to try! Just a note that order is placed and paid upfront at the counter.

CounterYummy ready made food in the cabinet

For drinks, we had:

  • Affogato ($4.60) – strong and creamy
  • Orange juice ($4) – this was 100% OJ, freshly pressed!    

Affogato100& OJ

I decided to order the House Made crumpets with pear & berries, peanut gravel and yoghurt ($14.50). I normally do not like to order something sweet for breakfast, well except for the one time at Hardware Societe in Melbourne, but the food there is almost on a different level. Anyways I thought I’ll be different this time….and it was the best choice I made!

The Crumpets were delicious! They were light and they were fluffy, but the most amazing component of this dish is the peanut gravel!  It brought back childhood memories of a Malaysian peanut snack that I loved. The combination of the sweet pear & berries, earthy peanut and sourish yoghurt on the crumpet made it one tastyyy plate! It surpassed the praises I had for the one at Hardware Societe. Go Gusto!

House Made Crumpets!

My sister ordered the Potato hot cake with poached eggs, oak smoked salmon, avocado salsa and hollandaise sauce ($19.50). This dish was amazing to look at. It was packed, with two poached eggs, a layer of smoked salmon on top of a bed of salad and potato cake. I had a taste and the avocado salsa on the side stood out the most for me – very generous dish!

Potato Hot Cake

Service was good with friendly smiles and attentive staff even though they were so busy. This has now become one of my favourite place for breakfast – I still need to check out the Cinnamon French Toast with the bacon, the banana, maple berry compote and honeycomb! That looked amazing!

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Gusto Food
Telephone: 9367 3512
Address: 86 Angelon Street, South Perth
Gusto Food on Urbanspoon

Sayers Sister, Northbridge

After a failed attempt to lunch at a Japanese restaurant with a Scoopon voucher I bought (no seats!), I decided to head to Sayers Sister in Northbridge for brunch.  They had just started trading a few days ago and it would be the first weekend since their opening, my excitement rose a notch as I drove there.  As expected the place was packed!  We had to sit on the outside area right under the sun.  Not too bad I supposed, but would have preferred the inside.  I spied a very modern fit out, similar in style to Sayers but much brighter.  Like!

The excitement stop short after I had a look at the menu.  Hmm not much on offer I thought, there seemed to be less variety than Sayers.  I tried to look for the savory dishes stated on the menu but couldn’t find the food on display.  Where are they?  I detected some cakes/muffins next to the counter, placed on the long table where the customers were seated.  Not a very good spot.  I couldn’t check them out as I didn’t want to hover too near others while they were eating.  Sigh, not a good start.

Then we found out also that you can’t pay by card. My sister and I had to scrummage through our wallet to come up with the cash.  Ergh.  At least we got a cute table tag for our meal.

We ordered the following:

  • Hot Chocolate
  • Latte
  • Chicken Snitzel sandwich, aioli, bocconcini, fresh tomato & rocket ($19.90)
  • Coriander & cumin beans tagine, babaganoush, poached egg, toasted linseed ($15.50)

Same as Sayers, the drinks were superb.

The Chicken Snitzel came out looking very ordinary but tasted good, and not like your usual “fast food” type of snitzel.  Phew!  I would have expected so.  I ordered the Beans Tagine – it came out looking very impressive but I actually did not enjoy the dish that much.  It was like a thick bean soup.  There was only one piece of bread given with it so it got a bit overpowering at the end with nothing to eat it with.  Luckily there were a few spares from the Chicken Snitzel I could steal off.  I think it was not my kind of dish.  Funnily I was reading the inflight magazine on a Qantas flight last week and the author was fully raving about this dish.  That just goes to show how different one’s palate is!

All in all, I was disappointed with the brunch.  The service however was great, friendly and attentive.  It was their first weekend trading so hopefully things will get better further down the track!

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Sayers Sister
Telephone: 08 9227 7506
Address: 236 Lake Street, Northbridge

Sayers Sister  on Urbanspoon

Kinky Monkey, Burswood


Entertainment Voucher 12/13: 25% off (up to a value of $40)

I have a new favourite cafe, Kinky Monkey is its name.  It is located on the Plaza, amongst the Peninsula Apartments in the Circus, and had just opened 3 months ago.  We found this cafe in the trusty ol’ Entertainment Book. Not entirely convinced to lunch there in the first instance, I asked myself, “Would there really be a good cafe around that area?”.  We arrived and was totally blown away.  (It reminded me of never judging something until you have at least tried it!) The place looked awesome with its modern and colourful setting.  And my oh my, the ambience is totally amazing, you can sense the freshness in the air, the openness and the brightness. Walk out in the other direction and you are faced with a view of Perth city! Love it! I’d been back three times since 🙂

They have a great breakfast and lunch menu, and most importantly interesting selections as well.  For lighter meals, one can select the various salads, quiches, pies and not to forget desserts at the front counter.

We had the following for lunch:

  • Coffees – Flat White, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha
  • Fillet Steak Burger ($17)
  • Chorizo Fungi ($19)
  • Kinky Burger ($17)
  • Corn Fritter Stack ($17)
  • Tandoori Quesadilla ($19)

The coffees were great!  For those interested, you can get one free coffee from the shop-a-docket voucher (click link here) Expires on 17 Sept 2012.  Bargain 🙂
The Fillet Steak Burger came with honey fillet steak, beetroot relish, tomato, baby spinach & wasabi mayo served with chips.  This burger is amazing!  The fillet steak was juicy and flavoursome and it made you wanting more with each bite.  Did I mention it was huge as well?  The chips hit another spot, crunchy and flavoured with some sort of spice (maybe paprika).  This won  me over to go back there again!
Chorizo Fungi consisted of the chorizo sausage on ciabatta with field mushrooms, caramelized onions, poached eggs and rocket.  Another great dish.  Huge serving, and what I like the most was the salsa on the side.  More of those please.
Kinky Burger consisted of black angus ground beef, swiss gruyere cheese, lettuce & tomato kasundi served with chips.  I must admit it paled in comparison with the Fillet Steak Burger but has its own merit as well.  Lots of chips on this plate.
The Corn Fritter Stack came with smoked salmon, rockets and a poached egg on top.  I only managed to have a small bite of this dish so could not really tell how good it was but great feedback from others.  Love the look of it too!
Tandoori Quesadilla consisted of chicken, red onion, avocado, tomato salsa & cheese served with raita.  Corn chips were served on the side as well.  The dish looked dry on the outset but actually had the right balance of sauce and fillings inside.  The raita was a most welcoming accompaniment to the dish!
All in all I was extremely satisfied.  The service was great, very friendly, informative and laid back, totally befitting the place.  A great cafe to visit for the yummy food or just to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and cake and soak up the atmosphere!
I’m participating in a Walking Program at work and decided to walk there for coffee one day – 3.5km later…..tummy filled with the Orange and Poppy seed Muffin 🙂

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Kinky Monkey
Telephone: 08 9472 0633
Address: 23 The Circus, Burswood

Trading Hours

Tuesday: 7am – 3pm

Wednesday to Sunday: 7am – 10pm

Kinky Monkey on Urbanspoon

Mrs. S, Maylands

Mrs. S is located on the corner of Whatley Crescent and Eight Avenue in Maylands, near the train station and other eateries such as Milkd, Sherbet Bake Shop, etc.  I was quite excited to try out the food after hearing lots of great reviews about it!  So off we went one Saturday morning for breakkie (and also to celebrate a close friend’s belated birthday).  As we drove past trying to find parking, I spotted a queue already, with 2 – 3 groups standing around waiting for seats!  It was full house!

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West End Deli, West Perth


West End Deli is located on Carr Street, the sleepy end of West Perth in terms of food and restaurant activity.  Surrounded mainly by houses, West End Deli seems to be the only cafe along this end of town.  A great location, as finding a parking spot is so much easier!  In fact, finding a parking spot is probably easier than getting a table in this cafe especially for a weekend breakfast/brunch.  Therefore get in there early to secure a table.  I’d been here twice in recent months and both times there was a 15 – 20 mins wait for table! (They only accept bookings from 12pm daily).

Stepping into the cafe, one is greeted with a warm and lively atmosphere.  With an open kitchen facing the door, one can also observe the chefs in action!  Great!

The cafe has a rustic appearance and outstanding decor, the most exceptional being the chairs hanging from the ceiling!  My first thought was, is that safe?!?  My “engineering brain” proceeded to analyse the situation, how many chains are holding up the chairs, how are they being tied etc.  I know…a bad habit, and it didn’t help as I was surrounded by ex-colleagues who are in the same profession as well!

   Anyways back to the topic of food, the menu contains a good selection of dishes with many special dishes on offer, not just the typical ones you find for breakfast.  I like!

We had the following for brunch:

  • Latte and Cappucino – coffee was nice! Deep flavours!
  • Eggs – Poached and Scrambled ($12 ea) – I ordered the Scrambled Eggs, highly recommended by my friend who frequented this place often and it was simply the best!  It came with pieces of freshly baked baguettes which was soft on the inside with a crunchy crust.  That, slabbed with butter and eggs was divine!  I ordered the exact same thing on my second visit as it was so good!  A ‘must order’!
  • Crepes, rhubarb, mascarpone & pistachios ($16) – only had a small bite but it tasted good!
  • Wholemeal pancakes, calvados cream, streaky bacon, maple syrup ($16) – thought it was slightly weird teaming bacon with pancakes and maple syrup but my friend liked this dish!
  • Corned beef hash, potato & fried egg ($24) – didn’t manage to try this but nice presentation.
  • Housed smoked salmon, brioche, creamed spinach, slow cooked egg & tobikko dressing ($24) – a few people on the table ordered this dish and their first reactions were, “You have to try this! It is so nice!”  I had a bite and was blown away.  It was truly a gourmet breakfast, I loved the flavours in the smoked salmon.  Combined this with the creamy spinach and running eggs on brioche was perfect.  I’m not a big smoked salmon fan but this did not have the overbearing taste that I dislike in smoked salmon.  Another ‘must order’!
  • Pork sausage ($23) – didn’t try this either, looked ordinary to me.

Service was ordinary but I didn’t mind too much as long as I get my food and drinks when they are ready.  It’s quite a casual cafe so I didn’t expect too much from them.  Overall, I was a very satisfied customer.  Although some of the dishes may be a bit pricey, as long as you pick the right dish, it was worth it.  My favourite Scrambled Eggs with Baguette was both awesome in price and taste!

To top it off, guess who I saw halfway through the meal?  Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris!!  That was at my first visit during the Good Food and Wine Festival!  *wahoo*  They were sitting behind us!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

West End Deli
Telephone: 08 9328 3605
Address: 95 Carr Street, West Perth

Trading Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 7am to 3pm

Thursday to Saturday: 7am – late (dinner from 630pm)
West End Deli on Urbanspoon

Crepe Cherie, Claremont


Restaurant no longer operating! is permanently closed


During the recent festive holidays, I found myself having more time to explore Perth’s numerous eateries and through a friend’s recommendation from the local newspaper, found the Crepe Cherie, located in Maude Jackson Lane in Claremont (opposite Bunnings and Lemon Cafe to be more precise).

Crepe Cherie is a cafe with a Parisian Creperie concept and started trading in October 2010, almost brand spanking new.  As I walked past to meet a friend at the shops before heading there for breakkie, the aromatic smell of crepes wafting out nearly stopped me on my tracks.  It was hard to pull myself away but I managed to walk on with double the hunger pangs!  “The cafe was already full!  I hope we get seats later” – those were my thoughts.

We came back 1/2 hour later and the crowd had thinned out slightly so we managed to get good seats.  I quite like the effort they put in the decor – simple yet stylish and I especially loved their Gondola attire!  A bit more special than other cafes 🙂  Orders are placed at the counter with the range of selection written on the board hung above the back wall.  Some non-crepe food are also on display in the glass cabinet.  Didn’t pay much attention to that though as I was going for gold!  For those who are so inclined, the crepe making process can be observed in detail as they are made in front of you!


Menus are also found on the table – they have a whole range of savoury (all $12.50) and sweet (all $11.50) crepes on offer!


We had the following that day:

  • Iced Coffee @ $4.00
  • Crepe Jean-Pierre – chargrilled chicken, cheese, marinated mushrooms and mayonnaise
  • Crepe Olivier – Angel Bay minced beef, spinach, potato mash, marinated mushrooms and tomato onion jam
  • Crepe Julien – marinated mushrooms, spinach, potato mash and cheese
  • Side Salad @ $3.50


I ordered the Crepe Jean-Pierre and loved it! The crepe was paper thin and was filled with lots of ingredients – I like the combination taste of the mushroom with the mayonnaise as well.  Yum!  Not sure what type of marinate went into the mushrooms but they were good.  My friend thought the Crepe Olivier was good too but not as good as mine.  She would order mine the next time she visits again was her comment.

Crepe Julien was similar in ingredients to the Olivier but had the white sauce – a vegetarian version.  I almost ordered this earlier but the thought of having no meat in my dish didn’t sit well with me.  I need the energy!  The only disappointing item I found that morning was the Side Salad!  It was measly for the price of $3.50, not worth it at all.  The Iced Coffees were also average, I didn’t get my coffee buzz out of it, the lightness of the drink says it all, maybe I’ll have to get a double shot next time.

Overall, I really liked the crepes and will go back again to try out the sweet versions next time round.  I like the open aired atmosphere of the cafe as well!  Drop by if you are in the area for a try-out!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Crepe Cherie
: 08 9383 1880
Address: Shop 6G/303 Stirling Highway, Claremont

Crepe Cherie on Urbanspoon

On a site note, crepes are very popular in Japan especially the dessert type.  This is where I first heard of this type of food.  A photo of a crepe stall in Harajuku seen below – there are heaps of these kind of stalls everywhere! Yum!