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D’Big Mama, Coventry Village

D'Big MamaI accidentally stumbled upon D’Big Mama a couple of weekends ago whilst looking for a place to lunch at the Coventry Village in Morley. D’Big Mama is located near the front entrance facing Walter Road W, opposite the indoor playground and a couple of new restaurants I haven’t seen before. Having not visited Coventry for a few good months, I was surprised that so many new restaurants have sprung up! We were tempted though to D’Big Mama as they offer hawkers style of food, one of my favorite cuisine! Halfway through our lunch, the owner of the cafe started chatting to us and we found out that this is a new venture by the same family that owns the Noodle Forum restaurants in Perth City and Westfield Carousel. Traditional handmade noodles…oh yeah!

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Hylin, West Leederville


Hylin, located on Railway Parade in West Leederville must be one of the most popular cafe in Perth ever since it opened its door a couple of years ago. I’d been wanting to dine here for ages but never had the chance as it’s always so busy during the weekend. My chance came one morning while I was on leave on a weekday. I thought of Hylin straightaway for breakfast!

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Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe, Vic Park

Little GrillWebsite:

Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe is one of the latest cafes that had opened on Albany Highway in Vic Park, where Maple Crepes Cafe once stood. Its origin is of the Little Lang Nuong (LLN) in Girrawheen and I had thought this was its second store after finding a leaflet Little Grillof this at the Girrawheen shopping centre but chatting to the owner, I was informed that the former has closed down and this is their brand new store! I remembered I was excited when I first found out Little Grill is opening in Vic Park as the food at Little Lang Nuong was really good and it is awesome now it has moved much closer to me! When I told the owner I was a fan of LLN she became quite excited and said she will be expecting to see me at Little Grill more often. For sure! There are still many dishes I wanted to try after tonight’s meal!

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PappaRich, Joondalup

Papparich JoondalupWebsite:

Perthians north of the river jump for joy! The third PappaRich has recently opened inside Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre! No more long distance driving if you are craving for some hawker style food! One fine Saturday I ended up there, thrilled to be invited for lunch to celebrate its opening, I love the food at PappaRich!

PappaRich offers traditional Malaysian cuisine, in the form of authentic, high quality hawker-style street food which is right up my alley. My family and I have been frequent visitors to the Carousel branch as it was much easier to get parking and very convenient to sneak in for a meal after shopping. The same can be said now for the Joondalup branch! H&M, here I come!

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Nunam, Northbridge

Nunam Inside NunamWebsite:

Nunam (previously Nahm Thai) is located on Bulwer Street in Northbridge. I remembered being very excited when I first heard of the Thai fusion menu they offered for breakfast/brunch. It was so intriguing! How do you blend Thai flavors with the usual modern Australian breakfast you normally find in cafes around Perth? We shall see!

I have been here a couple of times since the launch of the new branding and menu. The meal below is of my second visit with my family after loving what I had the first time.

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Antz Inya Pantz, East Victoria Park

Antz Inya PantzWebsite:

I’ve been meaning to visit Antz Inya Pantz for coffee for the longest time but have not had the opportunity until recently when I had a day off work! As I was craving for some coffee late one morning, the boy and I decided to head there to get my caffeine hit!

Antz Inya Pantz is located on Albany Highway towards the eastern side where the street is not as busy so there is ample parking. The cafe seemed different from when I first saw pictures of it on Urbanspoon (I must admit it had been a couple of years at least!), it seemed to have grown. It basically occupies two lot shops, one for sit down with comfy couches and tables, and next door, stationed with a large scale brewing equipment, for selling their cold brew coffees, Antz Cold Brew! There is even a takeaway outlet for people wanting ‘coffee to go’ on the opposite side of the road, Antz 2 Go. How it has grown!

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DuoTone, East Perth

DuoTone smoothiesWebsite:

I first heard of DuoTone, located on Hay Street towards the East Perth end from my sister’s friend who tagged me in one of their Instagram photo (thank you! love all the tags, keep them coming 🙂). The cafe looked modern and chic in the photo and my first thought was, “We never get this kind of cafe down that end of East Perth!” I was most excited! More so when I spied the DuoTone smoothies on sale (picture on the left). They look so special and interesting don’t they!

Attractive to the eye with such vibrant colors, they come in yellow, green and red, and are made up of various nutritious ingredients as below…they even have a unique name each!

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Marie Antoinette Cafe Glacier, Cottesloe

Marie AntoinetteWebsite:

Marie Antoinette is a dessert parlor I have been wanting to visit for awhile now but never really had the chance until recently. The reason is because most of the time I’ll be too full after lunch to venture into the shop, but this time round I reminded myself to leave some stomach space so that I won’t feel too bloated after the visit! Well worth the trouble!

Marie Antoinette is located on Napoleon Street in Cottesloe, a somewhat quiet street as it is a far distance away from the beach. This means that parking comes by easier. We found one almost immediately.

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The Left Bank, East Fremantle


The PFEs have been having a bit of a hiatus recently and have been very slack in updating the blog! Much apologies! Currently trying to get back into the swing of things and going through the backlog of posts. We will be doing something new soon, more about that in the following month!

In the meantime, let’s talk about the Left Bank! We were invited earlier this year to the launch of the new (probably not that new now!) Left Bank upstairs area and to check out their menu. Having heard about this place often but yet had a chance to visit, I was eager to check it out.

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The Little Concept, Fremantle

The Little Concept

TDi Bella Coffeehe PFEs were invited recently to check out cafes that use Di Bella coffee, coffee beans that are blended, roasted and distributed daily from their roasting warehouse in Brisbane. There were a number of cafes in the list to choose from and I decided on the Little Concept in Freo. It seemed like a chilled out specialty coffee shop looking through their facebook page. I’m in!

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