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Textbook Boulangerie-Patisserie, Alexandria


I first heard of Textbook Patisserie when Instagram was flooded with pictures of their Truffle Croissant, usually sold out quickly on the day they are available. No chance of me getting one, I can never wake up early enough! I started scrolling through their page and found they also create some pretty awesome desserts! My kind of place! While picking up our cousin one night from the airport, I realized it is located in very close proximity so it was the perfect spot to bring my mum for lunch when she landed here from Perth.

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Chinese New Year High Tea at Laduree, Westfield Sydney


Happy Chinese New Year 2017! Can’t believe another year had past and it’s the new year again! We spent the new year in Taiwan and Perth and I had only just arrived back in Sydney last week. It was straight back to work, full time at the secondment office and night time work at my own office as required! Needless to say today, Oz Day is the first day I am free during the day time. I had initially agreed to do some work today as well but luckily my colleague in Malaysia told me it’s “un-Australian” like to work during a public holiday so it was cancelled. Phew!

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Chanoma Cafe, Sydney CBD


Located not too far from Aqua S is another popular cafe/ice cream parlor, Chanoma! Chanoma cafe specializes in Japanese matcha (green tea), still the craze going around Australia at the moment. They provide a selection of ceremonial grade Japanese matcha served in a variety of hot/cold matcha infused beverages and desserts. Besides matcha, they also have Asian flavors including black sesame (my fav!), adzuki (red bean) and yuzu (citrus).They also serve a few traditional and modern Japanese snacks (hot dogs and chips).

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Aqua S, Sydney CBD

Aqua SWebsite: Aqua S

Aqua S, located within the Regent Place Arcade on George Street has probably one of the most ‘instagrammed’ photos of their soft serve ice-cream in Sydney. I’d always thought it was located somewhere right beside the ocean as the photos always look so whimsical and dreamy. To my surprise, it is actually a small parlor situated in the middle of the CBD and looks quite normal except for the cleverly painted side wall of blue and white giving the illusion of ‘floating clouds’ amidst a clear sky. Topped with some airy fairy floss surrounding the cone and good lighting, the photos look surreal and are an instant attraction!

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The Max Joy Co, Eastwood

Max Joy CoWebsite:

The Max Joy Co is an ice cream, dessert and drinks parlor located on the busy and vibrant Rowe Street in Eastwood. I found out about this place whilst searching Instagram, desperate to satisfy my craving for some black sesame ice cream. Feeling ecstatic that I found this so close to home, only a short walking distance from the apartment I was staying in when I first arrived, we headed there for dessert after lunch one afternoon.

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La Vigne Bakery, Eastwood

La Vigne is a bakery is located on the ‘Korean’ side of Eastwood on Rowe Street, I’d been here a couple of times when I visited Sydney previously as it is located very near to where the hubby is staying. It was quite fascinating when I first found out that this particular part of Eastwood is divided by the train line where one side houses all the Korean shops and restaurants, and the other mainly of Chinese/Asian influence. I don’t think we have anything similar in Perth. At least here we know where to go when we have specific cravings!

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Jersey Jack Gelato, Como

Jersey JackWebsite:

Last weekend I was blessed to be invited to the launch of Jersey Jack, located on Preston Street in Como, right next to Hangout Bar & Cafe and Nasi Lemak Korner. Jersey Jack is a dessert cafe / ice cream parlour / coffee shop all in one! There is much excitement as another dessert parlor joins the ranks in Perth. Can’t wait to check out their gelato!

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*Cold Rock Ice Creamery Christmas Pudding*

Cold Rock Ice creameryWebsite:

This festive season, Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s Christmas Pudding makes a return to the stores and I was excited I get to try one! Cold Rock Ice Creamery has created a fun and quirky sweet treat that will cool you right down after a hot Christmas lunch, an Ice Cream Christmas Pudding! Shaped like a Christmas Pudding but all ice cream! I couldn’t wait to pick up mine.

To make it more personal, ice cream lovers can pick and choose their favorite flavor as well as smash in any extras as usual, lollies, chocolates, fruits, you name it. I decided to go for the Cold Rock Christmas Combo which is made up of mint ice cream with sour pitted cherries, Oreos and mini marshmallows. Here it is! Looks great doesn’t it!

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PappaRich, Joondalup

Papparich JoondalupWebsite:

Perthians north of the river jump for joy! The third PappaRich has recently opened inside Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre! No more long distance driving if you are craving for some hawker style food! One fine Saturday I ended up there, thrilled to be invited for lunch to celebrate its opening, I love the food at PappaRich!

PappaRich offers traditional Malaysian cuisine, in the form of authentic, high quality hawker-style street food which is right up my alley. My family and I have been frequent visitors to the Carousel branch as it was much easier to get parking and very convenient to sneak in for a meal after shopping. The same can be said now for the Joondalup branch! H&M, here I come!

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La Belle Sweets, Laithlain

La Belle SweetsWebsite:

La Belle Sweets has a store! And it’s located on Gallipoli Street in Laithlain. I first heard about La Belle Sweets through a friend who lives nearby the bakery, she was most excited about the sweet treats there and knowing her taste in this subject matter I thought I had to check it out myself. Subsequently after introducing the bakery to my mum, she recognized the owners as the ones who sell great almond croissants at the Kalamunda Farmers Market. Yep, one and the same.

My first visit to La Belle Sweets was for breakfast early morning before heading off to a conference. Their savory items were not ready yet so I settled for some sweet treats. I’ve been noticing lately that I’d started taking desserts for breakfast! Not sure whether that is a good or bad thing! There are a variety of items to choose from even so early in the morning. They must have started baking in the middle of the night!

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