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The Standard, Northbridge

The StandardWebsite:

A couple of weeks ago, an invitation came from the lovely Laura Moseley for an afternoon gathering to check out the Standard’s new summer menu. I was quite excited as the Standard has been on my list to visit for awhile now but I never had the chance until then!

The Standard is located on Roe Street in Northbridge and is a bar, kitchen, wine garden all in one. On arrival, I was ushered up to the balcony located in the garden up the rear end. The balcony overlooks the garden and is perfect for a small event, away from the crowd giving us some privacy but open enough not to lose the ambiance. There were a number of bloggers and foodies attending the event and I managed to meet a lot of those I follow on Instagram which was so awesome. Finally a face to the page!

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Antz Inya Pantz, East Victoria Park

Antz Inya PantzWebsite:

I’ve been meaning to visit Antz Inya Pantz for coffee for the longest time but have not had the opportunity until recently when I had a day off work! As I was craving for some coffee late one morning, the boy and I decided to head there to get my caffeine hit!

Antz Inya Pantz is located on Albany Highway towards the eastern side where the street is not as busy so there is ample parking. The cafe seemed different from when I first saw pictures of it on Urbanspoon (I must admit it had been a couple of years at least!), it seemed to have grown. It basically occupies two lot shops, one for sit down with comfy couches and tables, and next door, stationed with a large scale brewing equipment, for selling their cold brew coffees, Antz Cold Brew! There is even a takeaway outlet for people wanting ‘coffee to go’ on the opposite side of the road, Antz 2 Go. How it has grown!

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DuoTone, East Perth

DuoTone smoothiesWebsite:

I first heard of DuoTone, located on Hay Street towards the East Perth end from my sister’s friend who tagged me in one of their Instagram photo (thank you! love all the tags, keep them coming 🙂). The cafe looked modern and chic in the photo and my first thought was, “We never get this kind of cafe down that end of East Perth!” I was most excited! More so when I spied the DuoTone smoothies on sale (picture on the left). They look so special and interesting don’t they!

Attractive to the eye with such vibrant colors, they come in yellow, green and red, and are made up of various nutritious ingredients as below…they even have a unique name each!

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Marie Antoinette Cafe Glacier, Cottesloe

Marie AntoinetteWebsite:

Marie Antoinette is a dessert parlor I have been wanting to visit for awhile now but never really had the chance until recently. The reason is because most of the time I’ll be too full after lunch to venture into the shop, but this time round I reminded myself to leave some stomach space so that I won’t feel too bloated after the visit! Well worth the trouble!

Marie Antoinette is located on Napoleon Street in Cottesloe, a somewhat quiet street as it is a far distance away from the beach. This means that parking comes by easier. We found one almost immediately.

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Varnish on King, Perth

Varnish on KingWebsite:

On Monday just past I was at Varnish on King attending the American Whiskey 101 Masterclass as part of the Eat Drink Perth festival. Varnish on King, located on King Street has grown in popularity since its inception and I have heard many good things but have yet to visit. The American Whiskey 101 Masterclass was just perfect for me and my colleagues to drop by!

Having not been there before, it was quite difficult for us to locate the spot! It didn’t helped that we were running slightly late as well. It turned out that the bar is actually located below ground level! I loved the mystery vibe I got walking down the stairs and discovering a whole new scene!


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Willie Wagtail, Perth

Willie WagtailWebsite: Willie Wagtail is located on William Street, right across the 140 Perth building, where Jamie Italian’s restaurant is located. I was here this morning to check out the Coffee Demos that are run by Willie Wagtail every Saturday at 11am and 1pm during the Eat Drink Perth month. Thanking my lucky star, the topic was on Latte Art, a skill I find so fascinating but so hard to master!

As I arrived earlier waiting for the 11am slot, I went around about the cafe, happily snapping away and found myself ordering a light lunch to consume :p The food on the counter looked too appealing and tempting! Since I was at it, I ordered a coffee too! That’s the main reason why I was here anyway in the first place! Checking out the coffee!

Seating is limited inside the cafe but there are a number of tables outside in the laneway and out the back with crates. Simple but effective.

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****Eat Drink Perth Dessert Garden****

The Dessert GardenWebsite:

The Dessert Garden is new to Eat Drink Perth 2015, held every Friday night (except for Good Friday) during the EDP festival next to the Twilight Hawkers Market. It is a special event for the sweet tooth in all of us, featuring chocolatey, cakey and sugary delights, with stalls set up around a pop-up grassed garden, ready to serve.

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****Perth’s First Night Noodle Market****

Urban Orchard @NNMWebsite:

The talk of town this year for the Eat Drink Perth festival was surely the Night Noodle Market (NNM) held at the Perth Cultural Center! Eat Drink Perth 2015 opened with a bang last Wednesday with the Night Noodle Market, a family friendly Asian hawker style market set up over three areas, namely the Central Square, Museum Plaza and the Urban Orchard, housing over 20+ stalls and 3 popup bars. It was so exciting! I ended up going to this event three times over four days!

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****Koko Black Summer Oasis****


Koko Black has recently launched their new Summer Oasis range of desserts and the PFEs were invited to check them out at one of their Salon. I was really excited as I was only there a week prior savoring the Raspberry Chocolate Dome (picture at the end of this blog post) and I loved it! I picked to go to the Koko Black Salon at Claremont Quarter so that I could throw in some late night shopping after work on a Thursday night. Win-win for me 🙂

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