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Suzie’s Prata House + Hi Tea, Morley

Suzie’s Prata House opened this year in Morley, nestled  along the eateries outside the Coventry Village Market and sharing the same location with the bubbletea store, Hi Tea. I’d found out about it while getting my bubbletea fix one day at Hi Tea and made a note to visit, anticipating some authentic mamak / hawker style cuisine.

Suzie's Prata

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Concert: Thriller Live + Dining at the Crown Perth

Thanks to ACMN, the PFEs were invited to blog about the Thriller Live concert that is currently playing at the Crown Theatre Perth. The Thriller Live show is a spectacular concert created to celebrate the career of the world’s greatest entertainer, the undisputed King of Pop, Michael Jackson! It is now in its record breaking 6th year of show after opening in the Lyric Theatre in London on 2 January 2009 to rave reviews. Thriller Live has celebrated its 5th birthday in the West End, embarked on a world tour and a sell-out UK arena tour, played over 3000 shows globally to 2.5 million fans, visited over 26 countries and entered the West end record books by becoming the longest running show in the Lyric Theatres in 125 year history, and now it is in Perth!

No doubt I was excited about the event and was looking forward to it the whole week!

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Papparich, Northbridge


The PFEs were invited to check out PappaRich and feast Malaysian style following the launch of its first restaurant in Perth, taking over what used to be the Little Saigon Restaurant on James Street in Northbridge. I was already quite excited knowing that PappaRich was opening a restaurant in Perth. The excitement went up a notch to be then invited as a guest for the launch!

The last time I had PappaRich in Australia was at the Chadstone branch in Melbourne last year, then wishing that they would open one here in Perth.  And now my wish had come true! I was so eager to try it out that I went on the first weekend they opened (prior to my appointed time as a blogger), but alas the line was too long and we ended up dining at the Northbridge Brewing Company instead. The eagerness did not pay off :p

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****John Walker Chocolatier, Perth****


The PFEs were contacted not too long ago by John Walker Chocolatier to showcase their products on our blog. I was only too happy to oblige, who can resist writing up about chocolates?! It is always interesting to discover businesses and products I may otherwise not have known through the blog, especially so with John Walker Chocolatier, a WA owned and operated chocolate company specialising in handmade fine quality chocolates. I had initially thought it had something to do with scotch whisky :p

Their story…

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Sweet Fix, Northbridge

I discovered Sweet Fix accidentally after dinner one night at Hawker’s Cuisine in Northbridge. My sister and I were looking around for dessert place and saw a colorful sign showcasing Asian desserts pointing to the opposite of the road near Gelares on James Street. It was strange I thought as there isn’t a store called Sweet Fix on the other side of the road? I figured they must have misplaced the sign and it was supposed to point the other way. Being the nosy me, I went to have a look.

Ah, the mystery was solved, Sweet Fix is now where Little Utopia used to be, refurbished and much more colorful and retro looking than before. I love the cute pink lamps fitted throughout the cafe. They looked cool against the dark pink backdrop which must be the feature wall!

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****Voyager Estate Sparkling Grape Juice****


Voyager Estate is located in Margaret River, the beautiful south west region of Western Australia, particularly known as the Wine Region in the tourism space. I’d dined in Voyager Estate years back when I was holidaying in Margaret River and had fond memories of the restaurant and food. I was surprised to receive an email from them one day asking whether we would like to try their non-alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice. Voyager Estate sells non-alcoholic drinks? I didn’t know that! And yes please I would love to try some!

I had bought “non-alcoholic wines” before and they tasted terrible, not quite the grape juice and not quite the wine either. The Sparkling Grape Juice by Voyager Estate is kind of like a “non-alcoholic wine” in my mind as they are made with the same Estate grown grapes that are in their Shiraz and Chardonnay. The grapes are selected during vintage and treated with as much care and attention as the grapes used in their wines. Nice! It is apparently a personal favourite of Voyager Estate’s founder, Michael Wright, who actually doesn’t drink alcohol. Very interesting!

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****Karvan Coffee with the Aeropress!****


During my visit to the festival of Taste of Perth last month, I met Brad and Fleur Cassidy, owner of Lean Bean Machine who ran a very busy stall, the ‘Brew Bar’. A variety of their coffees and various alternative brew methods including the Aeropress, Clever Coffee Dripper and V-Style Dripper were showcased, in addition to the traditional coffee machine.

I first encountered Karvan Coffee at the Lettuce Shop Weekend Warehouse (sadly no longer running physically in Belmont) and loved the coffee! Thanks to Lean Bean Machine, I am now able to brew my own coffee at home using the Aeropress!

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****Chocolateria San Churro Winter Menu Special Preview****

San Churro NorthbridgeWebsite:

The PFEs were invited last month to preview the Chocolateria San Churro Winter Menu at the Northbridge branch, and boy was I excited! I still remember the fuss over San Churro when it first arrived on our shore, in Fremantle to be exact! Years on, I still love those churros dipped in the delicious couverture chocolate!

To preempt the extra sugar load I would consume from this dessert fix, I decided to walk to the store from work. It took me a good 25 minutes but I felt all ready to dig into the sweet treats upon arrival 🙂

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****Chronicles of the Long Mac – City of Perth Coffee Shops****

Today marks the first day of the Eat Drink Perth Festival! Yay! As part of the festival this month, I plan to randomly visit various coffee shops in the City of Perth, mainly the ones near my workplace to sample my favorite coffee drink – the Long Macchiato. My other ulterior motive is that I have joined a health program at work which requires us to exercise daily and walking to get my coffee is a sure way to accumulate exercise minutes 🙂

I’ll be using my beloved Miu Miu wallet as a coffee cup measurement, its appearance will be frequent in this post 🙂 My order will be a small Long Mac (8oz) with skim milk, topped up for consistency. I am by no way a coffee expert, comments are just my personal opinion and preference. I will add to this post as the month progresses, it will be fun 🙂

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****Brumby’s Nutella Hot Cross Buns!****

Nutella Hot Cross BunsWebsite:

Brumby’s Bakery has announced an exclusive partnership with Ferrero Australia and its famous brand, Nutella®, Australia’s third largest selling branded spread. Available in stores until the end of Easter, Brumby’s Easter range features freshly baked white Hot Cross Buns filled with a generous dollop of Nutella® spread as part of its Easter range. The Hot Cross Bun with Nutella will appeal to all tastes with a simple flavour profile combination for those who prefer something different to the traditional spiced bun. In addition to the Nutella flavour, Brumby’s are also baking Traditional and Fruitless Hot Cross Buns. All Hot Cross Buns are sold as a single bun ($1.30) or a six pack ($6.60).

Miss L from the PFEs was delighted to sample some of these delicious sounding Nutella Ho

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