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The Mandoo, Eastwood


I spotted The Mandoo whilst waiting for my friend one night before we headed to Incredible Chicken for dinner (refer to the last post). The Mandoo is located on the Korean side of Rowe Street in Eastwood, inside the building that houses Aldi as well. I stumbled upon it as I came up from the Aldi car park to road level and was intrigued with a newspaper cutting they had pasted on the wall, a write up stating they serve one of the best Korean dumplings in Sydney. Ooo, I must come back and try this next time I thought.

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Incredible Chicken, Eastwood

Outside Incredible chickenWebsite:

Incredible Chicken is located on the Korean side of Rowe Street in Eastwood. One weekend I had a craving for fried chicken. Chatting to my friend from primary school who was having her hair straightened in that area, she suggested for me to check out Incredible Chicken as the city branch of the same brand is very popular. So we decided to meet up for dinner there that night.

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Maroo, Ryde


Sunday afternoon is usually grocery shopping time for us and we always head to Top Ryde City as it is only 10 minutes away from the church we attend in the morning. We’d been to a number of the eateries in Top Ryde City and decided to venture out onto the streets this time round for lunch and found Maroo!

Maroo is a Korean restaurant located on Church Street, Ryde diagonally opposite Top Ryde City. The front of the restaurant is plastered with photos of the dishes they offer which really make your mouth water as you look at them. Love it! It was not busy that afternoon we visited so there were ample of seats to choose from. As we sat down, I realized that the restaurant is actually quite massive. It extends right to the back, and there is another corner of seats behind the kitchen!

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Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Victoria Park

Crust Gourmet Pizza BarWebsite:

Crust has just unveiled three exciting new pizzas inspired by traditional street food dished out in Asia and South America. They are the Kimchi BBQ Chicken, Moorish Lamb and Sriracha Beef. I was fortunate enough to be asked to review one of these new pulled meat pizzas. I decided to go for the Kimchi BBQ Chicken and made my order at the Victoria Park store.

The Victoria Park store is located on Albany Highway next to Red Basil. I’ve frequented this pizza bar numerous times as it is near my house and it is very convenient with parking, especially now that free ticketed parking in Vic Park has increased to 30 minutes at any one time slot.

My two favorite pizzas from Crust have always been the Pulled Pork and Slaw and the Szechuan Chili Prawn. Let’s see whether the Kimchi BBQ Chicken is on par!

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Subi Seoul BBQ, Subiaco

The PFEs were invited by Groupon to review the deals they have on offer with participating  restaurants.  After months of procrastination, I finally used it on this current deal:

Traditional Korean Steamboat Experience at Subi Seoul BBQ, Subiaco.

Subi Seoul BBQ is a brand new restaurant on Hay Street.  The deal comprises of a steamboat of fresh seafood and vegetables in a flavoursome broth, dumplings for entree and Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (mixed salad with meat, rice and fried egg with soup).

I must say I am looking forward to this meal as I’d never had Korean steamboat before!

Subi Seoul BBQ is located on Hay Street in Subiaco, in the square centre opposite the Colonnade.  On arrival I thought the sign looked familiar.  Does it look familiar to anyone?

As I walked in and saw the chef/owner, it was like an aha moment!  The same owner as the restaurants/kiosk in Northbridge, Perth CBD and Victoria Park.  This will be great!

The restaurant is nicely decorated, modern and clean.  Each table is equipped with a cooker which can be used either for meat grilling or steamboat boiling, as I soon found out.

The owner came to explain what we will be getting with the offer.  Dumplings (5 pieces) for entree, the Bi Bim Bap with meat choice of either chicken, beef or pork, and a main of seafood steamboat.  As I had paid extra to get a deal for four, we had the option of either getting 2 x steamboat or a steamboat and a plate of meat for grilling.  We opted for the 2nd option.  With the meat plate, there were 3 choices of either chicken, beef, pork or lamb.  Let the feast begins!

  • Goon Man Du (normally $7.90) – korean dumplings – panfried with a crunchy outer shell and soft inner filling.  Yum!

  • Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap (normally $15.90) – mixed salad with rice, meat, pan fried egg with chili sauce served in a clay hot pot.  The trick to this dish is to add the chilli sauce and mix the whole with the rice as rigorously as possible.  As the heat is retained in the claypot, it cooks the egg and maintains the warmth in the rice.  The bottom layer of the rice becomes crunchy as well due to the prolonged ‘silent’ cooking.  It tasted really nice, crunchy but not burnt!  We had the Chicken Bi Bim Bap and Beef Bi Bim Bap – the beef dish was more flavoursome.

  • Meat BBQ Cooked at Own Table – Combo for 2 people with choice of 3 meats (normally $39.90).  We ordered the beef, chicken and lamb.  The meat were all well marinated, contributing to the tasty flavour once grilled.  Seoul BBQ have always had really nice grilled meat.  I have tried the restaurant in Northbridge and Perth CBD. Same quality.  Yummy!  Would definitely order this again!

  • Hae Mul Jun Gol (normally $39.90) – steamboat combination of seafood and vegetables in a stock for 2 people.  The pot came out looking very appetizing!  We couldn’t wait to dig in!  There were king prawns, fish, mussels, fish cakes and a variety of vegetables. Very fresh.  Highly recommended!

Service was great with the waitstaff explaining how each dish should be cooked/eaten.  They catered to our requests with a friendly attitude and are always smiling.  Love! The above was well worth the deal on offer!  Don’t miss out!  I would definitely be back for another feast!

Narration by: Miss L

Subi Seoul BBQ
Telephone: 08 9382 2005
Address: 375 Hay Street, Subiaco
Subi Seoul BBQ on Urbanspoon

Hwa Ro Korean Restaurant, Northbridge

Hwa Ro is a fairly new korean restaurant located on Aberdeen Street in Northbridge.  I was introduced to this restaurant by my hairdresser (Neo from K Three G) who is Korean.  He signed on the menu saying “show this and you’ll get 10% off”.  Cool!  With my sister (same hairdresser!), not only did he give the 10% discount but also marked on the menu which dishes are good.  With this recommendation in tow, we decided to try it out for dinner.

Hwa Ro is quite a big restaurant with alfresco dining at the front and spacious indoor seating.  It has a modern outlook with a casual atmosphere.  The first thing I noticed as soon as I walked in was the array of adjustable exhaust chutes hanging above each table.  Very nice!  No more smelly clothing after all the BBQing and cooking.  (The first time I saw these exhaust chutes was in a korean bbq house in Seoul.  I thought it was a brilliant idea.  Very glad to see this in Perth too!).  The second thing I noticed was the numerous koreans dining at this place.  Looking good by the minute!


One thing I must mention is their great calling system – a touch of button at the side and your table number is displayed on the wall near the drinks area indicating service is required.  No more yelling or frantic hand waving when one needs to get the attention of the waitstaff.  I like.  They were very prompt to react as well once the button is pressed.


I’d always wanted to try out korean alcohol (mainly influenced by watching korean series as they seem to enjoy it so much!) so I picked a nice looking one from the menu but unfortunately they ran out.  The girl recommended a Chum-Churum ($14) instead, which is a type of soju.  I tried asking her what it tasted like etc but did not get a good reply.  Tried another way of asking but still didn’t get anything.  I ordered it anyways, no harm trying plus the name sounded nice.  WRONG DECISION!  Chum-Churum is made of just alcali water and contains 19.5% alcohol, drank unmixed in a shot glass.  Such a wrong drink for a softy like me, I’m more the Toblerone / Mojito / Espresso Martini type of drinker.  Forced myself to down 2 shots and couldn’t take it anymore.  And the bottle is huge.  Eeks.  And Korean series are liars! Hahaha :p

For food, we ordered the following:

  • Ori Jumulluk ($25) – stir fry duck marinated in spicy and sweet sauce with seasonal vegetables
  • Kimchi Jjeem ($30) – boiled sliced pork in pork bone soup with a special sauce seasoned kimchi

Before the food came, the usual side dishes arrived with the rice.  Very nice, and great that they are refillable too.


The dishes came not too long after and they were quite big, reasonable though for the price.  The Ori Jumulluk was quite spicy, tasted good but I thought the duck meat itself was very fatty.  I had to keep on separating the fat from the duck before eating which became tedious at the end.  Maybe that is how it’s meant to be consumed, fat and all, but it didn’t feel too healthy for me.

The Kimichi Jjeem looked awesome.  It was placed on the gas burner as it arrived so we started eating not thinking too much of it as I thought the flames were there just to keep it warm.  However we were stopped by the manager who told us that we needed to wait for the dish to cook further before eating.  What?! It would have been nice for the waitstaff to inform us when she first put down the dish.  Now we were left wondering how long we needed to wait before we can start eating.  That aside, the dish itself is very tasty, tender sliced pieces of pork soaked in seasoned soup blended with the sourish kimchi taste.  Appetizing!  My sister liked it so much that she went back another day for it!

Overall it was a nice meal and I would be back again to try their Kkochi set, assortment of meat on skewers which you can bbq on the table.  The service was ok although I think the waitstaff needs to be more proactive in explaining the dishes especially to people not familiar with korean food.  That would definitely be a big help!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Hwa Ro Korean Restaurant
Telephone: 08 9228 8823
Address: 118 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge

Hwa Ro Korean Restuarant on Urbanspoon

Myoung Ga, Perth

***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by Woo Jeong***

As good, quick and reasonably priced places for lunch is not common in the East Perth area where I work, I’m always on the look out for cafes/restaurants to visit.  I walked into our office kitchen one day and spied my colleague eating a nice looking chicken bulgogi (marinated and bbqed) lunch set.  I pounced on him and enquired about his lunch – it was korean, tasted good and was only $10 came the reply.  That was enough to set me off on a lunch quest to try the place out.

Myoung Ga is located on the quieter area of Hay Street, near where Croissant Express, Canton Lounge Bar and Shot Espresso Barare.  I vaguely recollect visiting this restaurant a few years back but it was a different one then with what I remembered was a mixture of Korean and Japanese food.  Same place but different owner now.The restaurantcan be easily missed as it is so small that it is hardly noticeable, almost like a hole in the wall.  The inside contained 4 – 5 small tables and the outside another 4 small tables.  We sat on the outside.The menu is quite simple – only two pages, and has the usual BBQ meats and a few traditional korean dishes.


We had the following for lunch:

  • BBQ Beef – $13
  • BBQ Ohsam (consisted of pork and squid) – $15
  • Ja-jang-myun (noodles in a sweet black bean sauce with marinated pork and vegetables with pickles) – $12
  • Bi-bim-bap (steamed rice and vegetables, slices of beef, topped with fried egg & chilli sauce) – $10


The BBQ dishes came in a sizzling pig plate which were very cute :p, and were accompanied with rice, miso soup, kimchi and two side dishes.  They were quite generous servings and filling to say the least.  I especially liked their side dishes of lotus roots and bean sprouts.  I ate most of them as my colleagues didn’t like the side dishes.  The meat were tender and tasty.


The Ja-jang-myun was my colleague’s favourite and he frequents this place so often for this dish that even the owner recognises him.  For myself, I’m not too sure about eating noodles in a black bean sauce (not one of my favourite sauce) but I may give it a try next time.  It must be good though if he comes here that often to eat this.  The regular size for this dish is $10 (the pic is of the large).


The Bi-bim-bap was my order and it was so-so in terms of taste, it seems to be missing the ‘punch’ as what I have tasted in places like Seoul BBQ Cafe or Took Begi.  Not that it’s a bad dish but it was not the best.  You can order it in a stone pot as well for an extra $3, not sure whether that would make a difference to the taste.  Maybe I will try that next time.

The service was extremely good, the owner was very polite and extremely friendly, and catered to our needs in terms of water, efficient order and prompt food service.  I like!  I will definitely be back again.  A great place for a casual lunch, and not to forget their take-away lunch packs as well!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Myoung Ga
Telephone: N/A
Address: 536 Hay Street, Perth

Myoung Ga on Urbanspoon

Charm Restaurant, Perth

The springing up of numerous luxury apartments in the city brought about various small cafes/restaurants being opened up for business, much to the delight of workers in the city like myself.  One such is Charm, a restaurant serving Korean/Japanese cuisine, located on Hay Street towards the East Perth end near the Perth Mint.  I was introduced to this restaurant by a friend who recently just moved office to the building opposite mine and discovered this during one of her lunch outing with her colleagues.  She took no time to bring me there and introduced me to the specialty of the restaurant, their very own home made noodles!

This is the second time I’d been to the restaurant – I didn’t manage to take any photos the first time round as I had a busy day at work and was in no mood for a review (I gasped in horror as I read this comment myself – how could you Miss L!).  However, I found the food to be so good (loving the idea of their own home made noodles) that I went back two weeks later just so I can take some photos and blog about it, so here goes =).

The restaurant itself is quite small but very neat and tidy (obviously as it’s brand new!), simple yet comfortable.  It was very quiet both times I was there, not a prime location for a restaurant as the pedestrian traffic is minimal but hopefully it will gain more exposure as time goes by.


A peak inside their lunch menu…


A big sign advertising their home made noodle…

For lunch we had the Seafood Noodle with Egg Sauce ($12) and Chicken Dop Bup ($9.50).  At lunch time, there are certain items in the menu labelled LUNCH SPECIAL (in red) which automatically means a discounted price of $9.50 if you order them.  Not a bad price for a lunch dish so do take note!


I don’t know about you guys but anything ‘home made’ immediately gets a BIG tick in my books especially noodles – think of all the extra time and effort they go through!  I had the Seafood Noodle which came with mixed seafood, cabbage, cucumber and onions stirfried with egg sauce.  The noodles were soft and smooth – the sauce, just the right consistency, neither too runny or too thick – a pleasant experience to the palate.  A delicious dish!

The Chicken Dop Bup is a stirfried chicken dish with cabbage, onion, carrot served in a light chilli sauce with rice.  I didn’t manage to try this dish but thought it looked quite ordinary.  Comment from my friend was good – I forgot to extract more comments from her so I might have to try their rice dishes there myself next time.

A great place for lunch!  I had the Gyoza the first time round and remembered it as being good too!  Definitely a place to try – not much service (not that I expect it anyways) but the waitstaff was friendly enough when he took our order.  Incidentally, one of my friend just moved into the apartment upstairs and told me that they charge an arm and a leg for dinner.  I haven’t tried their dinner menu yet but maybe I’ll just stick to their lunch dishes for now after their report.

Needless to say, I have been ‘Charm-ed’.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Charm Restaurant

Telephone: 08 9218 8803

Address: 2/369 Hay Street, Perth

Charm on Urbanspoon

Ninniku Jip, Victoria Park

Outside Restaurant***Restaurant permanently closed…replaced by Twisted Chopsticks***


Entertainment Card: 25% off the total bill (up to $25 value)

Ninniku Jip is predominantly a Korean restaurant located in the lower end (south) of Albany Highway in Victoria Park.  I say predominantly as it is not quite totally korean – some of their dishes have a strong Japanese and Italian influence! (quite unique and fusiony isn’t it?)

Ninniku means “garlic” in Japanese and Jip means “house” in Korean, which when directly translated gives us Garlic House.  I’m glad they stuck to the ‘asian’ name rather than the english – I’m not sure whether I will be attracted to eat at a restaurant named garlic…

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Seoul BBQ Cafe, Perth

 ***Cafe no longer operating…permanently closed*** 


Seoul BBQ Cafe is a fast food Korean eatery located next to the Immigration Office in the city.  It operates as a kiosk with tables set alongside the Immigration Office as seen on the photo on the right.  The number of tables have grown since the first day it opened which proved its popularity.   I found out about this place through a friend who knew the owner and having tasted the food at the actual Seoul Restaurant in Northbridge (same owner), I was sure this would be as nice.  Please note that during the busy lunch period, it is sometimes hard to get a free table – one has to be quick on the feet and observant to grab a table before it is snatched up by the person next to you!

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