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*Cold Rock Ice Creamery Christmas Pudding*

Cold Rock Ice creameryWebsite:

This festive season, Cold Rock Ice Creamery’s Christmas Pudding makes a return to the stores and I was excited I get to try one! Cold Rock Ice Creamery has created a fun and quirky sweet treat that will cool you right down after a hot Christmas lunch, an Ice Cream Christmas Pudding! Shaped like a Christmas Pudding but all ice cream! I couldn’t wait to pick up mine.

To make it more personal, ice cream lovers can pick and choose their favorite flavor as well as smash in any extras as usual, lollies, chocolates, fruits, you name it. I decided to go for the Cold Rock Christmas Combo which is made up of mint ice cream with sour pitted cherries, Oreos and mini marshmallows. Here it is! Looks great doesn’t it!

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*The Ultimate Avocado Multi-Tool Giveaway*

Avo Shark on board (1)An afternoon snack is as simple as cut, de-pip, scoop, slice and mash!

There is more than one way to prepare an avocado, but there is only one tool that cuts, depips, scoops, slices and mashes.

Australian kitchenware brand, Savannah, has designed an innovative five-in-one avocado tool – the award-winning Avo Shark. I was lucky enough to receive a sample and I loved it after my first use!

Paul English, Savannah Product Designer at VGM International says, “Savannah is all about design, innovation and quality – Before the Avo-shark, avo preparation was messy and often perilous, I designed the Avo Shark to put the fun in functional. The Avo Shark was thoroughly tested at each design stage, for example the shape of the scoop, has been designed to handle all shapes and sizes of avocado.”  “You’ll wonder why all this time you’ve been preparing an avocado any other way!” Paul adds.

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****Koko Black Summer Oasis****


Koko Black has recently launched their new Summer Oasis range of desserts and the PFEs were invited to check them out at one of their Salon. I was really excited as I was only there a week prior savoring the Raspberry Chocolate Dome (picture at the end of this blog post) and I loved it! I picked to go to the Koko Black Salon at Claremont Quarter so that I could throw in some late night shopping after work on a Thursday night. Win-win for me 🙂

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Cooking with Rekorderlig Cider!

There is a new Rekorderlig flavor out and it’s name is Pomegranate! The Pomegranate Cider is a distinctly unique flavor of crisp pear cider blended with pomegranate, producing a summer fruit fragrance which is intended to liven up the taste buds!

In celebration of Rekorderlig’s new Pomegranate flavored cider, Rekorderlig has collaborated with MKR winners Sammy and Bella to create a pomegranate salad! Pearl Cous Cous and Feta Salad with a Rekorderlig Pomegranate Cider dressing to be exact. The PFEs were approached to try out this new recipe shown below.

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Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Victoria Park

Crust Gourmet Pizza BarWebsite:

Crust has just unveiled three exciting new pizzas inspired by traditional street food dished out in Asia and South America. They are the Kimchi BBQ Chicken, Moorish Lamb and Sriracha Beef. I was fortunate enough to be asked to review one of these new pulled meat pizzas. I decided to go for the Kimchi BBQ Chicken and made my order at the Victoria Park store.

The Victoria Park store is located on Albany Highway next to Red Basil. I’ve frequented this pizza bar numerous times as it is near my house and it is very convenient with parking, especially now that free ticketed parking in Vic Park has increased to 30 minutes at any one time slot.

My two favorite pizzas from Crust have always been the Pulled Pork and Slaw and the Szechuan Chili Prawn. Let’s see whether the Kimchi BBQ Chicken is on par!

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****Delivery Hero****


The PFEs were invited recently to try out another takeaway food order and delivery website called Delivery Hero. There seem to be a number of this service around nowadays, takeaway order and delivery must be getting very popular! I must admit it is quite convenient especially on days when I am too busy or too tired to either cook or head out for a meal! Additional bonus if the restaurant offers free delivery!

How does Delivery Hero work? It’s as simple as…

  • Enter your address
  • Choose your restaurant
  • Select your payment method
  • Food is on its way

It can’t get any simpler!

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****John Walker Chocolatier, Perth****


The PFEs were contacted not too long ago by John Walker Chocolatier to showcase their products on our blog. I was only too happy to oblige, who can resist writing up about chocolates?! It is always interesting to discover businesses and products I may otherwise not have known through the blog, especially so with John Walker Chocolatier, a WA owned and operated chocolate company specialising in handmade fine quality chocolates. I had initially thought it had something to do with scotch whisky :p

Their story…

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****Pasta Pronto, Guildford****


The PFEs were recently approached by Pasta Pronto to try their pasta, all freshly handmade at their shop located on Swan Street in Guildford. Pasta Pronto mentioned an interesting pasta that they make called Spaetzle, little dough dumplings, and a Swiss national dish. It intrigued me as I have not heard of Spaetzle before! Always interested in trying new things I was only too happy to give it a go. Marc from Pasta Pronto dropped off a few samples for me to try. There were fresh Linguine, Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli, the handmade Swiss Spaetzle and a takeaway meal which Pasta Pronto also sells at their shop.

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****This Little Pig Went to the Market-Recipe Meal Kit****

This Little Pig Went to the MarketWebsite:

Recipe meal kit, where a meal is planned, ingredients shopped, packed and delivered to the door by others and the only thing the customer has to do is to cook! I have always thought of trying one out but always feared that I would not like the recipes put together by others. When This Little Pig Went to the Market contacted the PFEs to enquire whether we will be interested to review their gourmet recipe meal kits, I took the plunge and said yes. It would be interesting I thought, and a good experience however it turns out!

Who is This Little Pig Went to the Market?!

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****EatNow – Search, Order,Eat!****


The PFEs were invited recently to review another takeaway food order and delivery website called EatNow. I must be hiding under a rock as I have not come across these websites before until now! It is awesome to discover all these services that are available right at my fingertips!

The aim behind EatNow is to provide a quick and easy way to order food online from local restaurants that service the suburb you are staying in. The process is simple ….

  • Search for restaurants in your suburb
  • Order using the interactive online menus
  • Sit back and wait for the food to be delivered

And that is exactly what I did one rainy and stormy winter night. Perfect weather to order some takeaway as I did not feel like dressing up to go out for a meal, ie hibernation mode on. {Do you guys get into this mode in winter?}

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