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Pho Tau Bay, Cabramatta

I have always wanted to visit Cabramatta ever since hearing about the great and authentic Vietnamese food available there. Hubby decided to drive me there after hearing my desire, bless his heart. Since then we had been numerous times, each time bringing with us a guest from Perth. A real Asian experience we tell them. They ended up loving the food and atmosphere there too!

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Me Pho, Eastwood

Me PhoWebsite:

Me Pho is located on the busy Rowe Street in Eastwood, the strip which has quickly become our go to place for a meal due to its close proximity. There are so many restaurants and cafes to choose from along this street, especially if you are into the Asian type of cuisine (Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc). For lunch we decided to go Vietnamese and arrived at Me Pho.

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Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe, Vic Park

Little GrillWebsite:

Little Grill Vietnamese Cafe is one of the latest cafes that had opened on Albany Highway in Vic Park, where Maple Crepes Cafe once stood. Its origin is of the Little Lang Nuong (LLN) in Girrawheen and I had thought this was its second store after finding a leaflet Little Grillof this at the Girrawheen shopping centre but chatting to the owner, I was informed that the former has closed down and this is their brand new store! I remembered I was excited when I first found out Little Grill is opening in Vic Park as the food at Little Lang Nuong was really good and it is awesome now it has moved much closer to me! When I told the owner I was a fan of LLN she became quite excited and said she will be expecting to see me at Little Grill more often. For sure! There are still many dishes I wanted to try after tonight’s meal!

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Junkboat Vietnamese, Highgate

Junkboat VietnameseJunkboat Vietnamese is located on the busy Beaufort Street in Highgate, rightInside the restaurant next to the Solomon’s Cafe and opposite the Beaufort Merchant. We came upon it by chance when we were in Highgate one afternoon looking for a place to lunch. It had just opened not too long ago so we thought we’d check the new place out and Vietnamese cuisine is always a favorite.

The inside of the cafe is simple and clean, however slightly cold and clinical. We sat towards the back looking out at the entrance.

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Urban Bowl, Perth

Urban Bowls


Good Morning Vietnam! As part of the Eat Drink Perth festival, Urban Bowl is introducing two traditional Vietnamese breakfasts to us Perthians, with one of the dish served on a sizzling plate!

Urban Bowl is located on Sherwood Court, off St Georges Terrace right next to the Exchange Plaza. Known for its fresh and clean Vietnamese food with a twist, I have been a frequent visitor of past to get my hands on their delicious rice paper rolls and Vietnamese salads. This time round I was keen to check out the two breakfast dishes created by Urban Bowl especially for Eat Drink Perth!

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****Perth’s First Night Noodle Market****

Urban Orchard @NNMWebsite:

The talk of town this year for the Eat Drink Perth festival was surely the Night Noodle Market (NNM) held at the Perth Cultural Center! Eat Drink Perth 2015 opened with a bang last Wednesday with the Night Noodle Market, a family friendly Asian hawker style market set up over three areas, namely the Central Square, Museum Plaza and the Urban Orchard, housing over 20+ stalls and 3 popup bars. It was so exciting! I ended up going to this event three times over four days!

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Trang’s Cafe & Noodle House, Girrawheen

Trang's Cafe & Noodle HouseTrang’s Cafe & Noodle House is located a few shops down from Pho Huynh and next to BMT Vietnamese within the Newpark shopping centre. Since stumbling upon Nhu Mai last year and following a friend’s recommendation for a good bowl of Pho in Girrawheen, I’ve discovered a whole range of restaurants in this shopping centre and around the suburb serving Vietnamese cuisine! It’s been great!

Trang’s Cafe & Noodle House is small in size but could probably fit a number of people in there due to the communal table setting that runs down the length of the restaurant with individual table for four on either side.

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BMT Vietnamese, Girrawheen

BMT Vietnamese RollBMT Vietnamese, located within the Newpark shopping centre is another store which sells the yummy Banh Mi Thit (Vietnamese meat roll). Surrounded by numerous Vietnamese restaurants such as Pho Huynh and Trang’s cafe, and another BMT store (Nhu Mai) nearby, I’d always wondered how these places maintain their business! Luckily they seem to do quite well which is a good sign for all, and more choices for us consumers!

One thing I like about BMT Vietnamese is that it offers not only the BMT but various Vietnamese food as well, either packed in boxes or displayed at the counter ready to be sold. There are savory dishes, sweets, desserts, hot food and also freshly squeezed sugar cane drink on the side. I love the variety available for us to choose from!

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Banh Mi Thit – Nhu Mai & Ben Thanh

On the topic of Banh Mi Thit (from last week’s post of the Beansprout), this post is of two shops in Girrawheen which sell delicious Banh Mi Thit at great prices albeit located some distance north of the city.

I first tried Banh Mi Thit last year after having a mind freeze on what I can have for lunch that day. I stumbled on Banh Mi Nhu Mai! Not being too keen on a baguette that looks dry on the outside (or so I thought – looks can be deceiving!), I hesitated, but eventually bought one just because I was there. It turned out to be the best decision ever and started my love for the BMT!

Inside Banh Mi Nhu Mai….there were quite a number of meat combination available, I went for the chicken being a newbie. Spying a sugar cane machine on the side, I ordered one to go as well. Can’t remember the last time I had fresh Sugar Cane in Australia! It was refreshing especially with the extra lime juice squeezed into it, Banh Mi Nhu Mai style!

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