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150 EAST, Ascot

150 EAST entranceWebsite:

The PFEs were invited to 150 EAST located within the Ascot Quays Apartment Hotel to sample their new menu after the restaurant underwent recent big changes, including the arrival of a new Executive Chef, Andrew Dunn. 150 EAST has moved away from “formal dining of the past and is now offering a more relaxed and trendy dining experience coupled with seasonal meals that are great value for money”, I was told. I was eager to check it out.

On arrival, we were shown our table overseeing the pool area on the outer patio area. I thought it would be cold but the area was covered so I didn’t feel the chill. The restaurant has a nice ambiance due to the utilization of soft and glowy lighting (my short stint as a building services engineer in play when I make this comment :P).

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Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Ascot

Happy Chinese New Year (CNY) 2010!  Last Sunday marked the start of a 15 days feasting period and the beginning of the new year in the Chinese calendar.  This year, the CNY coincided with Valentine’s Day so it’s double celebration and extra festivities.  Happy Valentine’s Day too! =)

Traditionally, the night before the start of the CNY, families from near and far will gather together for a meal, termed the ‘Reunion Dinner’ signifying the unity in the family.  It’s no different with our family except this year it’s a small event (minus the family friends).  My mum chose to have the dinner at the Aquarium Seafood Chinese Restaurant located on Great Eastern Highway in Ascot.  I’d been to this restaurant a few times before over the years and thought the food was quite average and more on the pricier end so it was not a top choice for me personally.  However, I took my parents there for Christmas Eve dinner last year, purely for its elegant and classy setting which is on par with a fine dining restaurant.  I also wanted to let them try the famous beancurd roll entree that I had before which I thought was great.  We had a good dinner so it left an impression in her mind.

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